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+1 vote
Many Srkians are disappointed with marketing strategy but I am happy that it isn't going to open big. I am confident that it will be a good movie. When SRK speaks much he delivers less. When he speaks less he delivers the best all the time. 25 more days to wait!!
in Movies by Production Designer (15.9k points)
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I am dumbfounded by the strategy of the makers. Neither the mini trails have been great, nor the three songs are all that good, but they seem very confident.

When a piece of marketing does not work, makers do things to alter it. Movies like Diwale and MJD had second trailers released after the first ones didn't amaze people, here they are steady on their marketing.

From what I have seen so far, I know I will like and enjoy this movie, it's the general audience I am curious about. There is not that much interest or curiosity from people around me.

The trailer is becoming more and more important each day. It simply has to be very good. The opening really depends on it.

Other than that, content will decide. At this point it can either be a huge hit or a big flop, I won't be surprised either way.

If it succeeds, makers will be praised for out of the box marketing, if it fails, the marketing will be blamed mostly. We all know many people already have guns out for this movie.

by Assistant Director (50.7k points)
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Yes brother!!!! You are 100% right.


Yaar aapne HNY ka trailer dekha tha it was awesome but after the wekend movie ka the end ho gaya....
Jitni jyada hype utna expectation aur expectation full fill na hone pr utni jyada negativity...{ex Tubelight I don't think it was as bad as said} in long run it needs good wom ....Jo ki movie ke fd fshow ke baad hi jungle ki aag ki tarah spread ho jaata hai...


@rahul7: yeah, that's why I am kind of OK with what the JHMS team is doing. SRK always overhypes, this time he is in control.

Problem ye hai ke abhi logon ko movie ka pata nahi hai itna, agar trailer acha hoga to phir koi issue nahi hai mujhe iss campaign se.

+3 votes

Whether he speaks or not. That movie is a bullshit. There is nothing new or exciting about it.

SRK will help find a stupid ring for dumb lady who is on a holiday after getting engaged. Then suddenly that dumb lady realize that she loves guide SRK. And they will fkin weep and cry and shit and who knows if we are in worst luck, then might fkin puke a sad song in between to shake viewers soul to the depth of the mighty blue horrible hell.

And I am profoundly stunned that you are counting days to watch such ignorance.

by Production Accountant (20.1k points)

I know you like very rare movies from Bollywood. But I like Bollywood not for its novelty but for romantic movies. The mini trails have made me excited in such a way that I am stunned. The chemestry looks the best. Brother, o through romantic movies I come to realise many inner instincts of human life.

+2 votes

JHMS isn't Befikre or Tamasha.......... It is a bad, bad experiment, proving just how delusional makers are and this experiment is going to blow up in their face, that's it, this is JHMS, nothing less, nothing more.....!!!!!

by Mega Star (214k points)

Have patience brother!

+2 votes

It doesn't matter .It has SRK and he can deliver excellent Opening with any movie .Opening day would be double of last Imitiaz Movie because of Presence of SRK. He is marketing genius plus he has biggest Fanbase who will throng to Theatres on Day 1

by Producer (103k points)

No worries. SRK will make this cross 20cr on day 1. The rest is content. Opening shows stardom and in that department SRK is still the biggest crowdpuller.


Yes .22-24 Cr is must for SRK as he is biggest Crowd Puller. Opening day would be close to double of Tamasha


I would say 19-20cr opening......stop dreaming about 22,24cr......salman in his peak time is delievering 20cr opening.

+2 votes

I m not disappointed, actually I m happy about JHMS coz people are expecting very less...

by Location Scout (3.5k points)
+2 votes

Opening Will Be Half Of Dangal.
Case Close!

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

Lol .It has SRK who can give excellent Opening with any movie any genre. 20 Cr is going to happen in worst case. It can come close to 25 Cr with one Chart buster song
Never Underestimate SRK who is king of Initials


Well, You Can Consider Him Bigger Than Salman But Not The Biggest. Ace Holds That Place Quite Handsomely.

+1 vote

Hope for the best and be prepared for anything and everything.

by Star (144k points)
+1 vote

Well it is going to be open big.. Opening will be never be a concern for SRK starrer. Yes it isn't Befikre and Tamasha since it features SRK who can do better romance then those young stars. As far as promotional strategy it's not bad . I mean even if they would have released trailer first then songs.If songs won't be accepted then no trailer can help a love story but that may not be case with JHMS since it's a SRK starrer.So Opening won't be concern and whatever they have shown in Mini trailer will be first half which people will like but it has to be seen how Imtiaz handles second half.when both characters are in love and emotional portion has to be handled well.
In short if the portion they shot in India then it can be a grosser.

by Director (133k points)

Seeing the fact this is SRK'S domain, 23-24cr to hona hi chahiye..


By SRK's standard it should atleast 22cr and 24cr-25cr should be considered good.


Lol.....wont even cross 20cr.....


Half Of Dangal....Eariler That Used To Be The Case With Lifetime. But Now Opening Will Also Be Half Of Aamir's Movies With Lifetime Going Down To One Third Range.

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