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In an unprecedented gesture, Salim and Salman Khan agree to compensate Tubelight distributors for the film’s losses!  

Yesterday we told you how Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan had invited the the all-India distributors of Tubelight to his home for tea on Saturday afternoon, to try and sort out the losses they suffered because of the film not matching up to expectations at the box-office. This was their second meeting after the earlier one on Friday night. All-India distributor Narendra Hirawat who sold the film circuit-wise to individual distributors was also there at both the meetings. Now news has just come in that the second meeting was successful too and the matter has been resolved.

Says a highly-placed insider, “Films are sold at a Minimum Guarantee (MG) and usually most people don’t give refunds. It’s only possible if the producer concerned has a change of heart and returns the money out of kindness. And this is what Salim saab and Salman has done. Post Saturday’s meeting, the Tubelight producers have agreed to compensate the distributors for 50 per cent of losses (amounting to 30-35 crore approx) incurred because of Tubelight. It’s only because of Salim saab and Salman’s large-heartedness that this has happened.

Editor of Complete Cinema magazine, Atul Mohan is all praises for Salim and Salman Khan’s gracious gesture. He says, “It was a very nice gesture from Salman and Salim saab’s side. It’s good for all our survival. We are a big family and we all involved in the business. Dhande mein upar neeche toh hota rehta hai. And producers cannot be challenged legally to return the money for losses incurred by their distributors. Both Salman and Shah Rukh are top stars who needn’t have done such things but by their gestures they are setting up an example for other producers to follow. Through these gestures the investors and distributors faith gets restored. Salman and Shah Rukh are truly very big-hearted. They can only depend on the goodwill of the producer and that’s how they approached Salman and his family, who kept their faith.”

Kudos to Salim and Salim Khan for this gesture!
Source Link: https://skjbollywoodnews.com/salim-salman-khan-agree-compensate-tubelight-distributors/amp/
asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (237k points)
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Beyond his bad boy image developed on stories others tell, Salman Khan showed in action that there is a genuine, caring, generous man residing in him. Really a sensitive and intelligent Bhaijaan

answered by Unit Manager (35.9k points)
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should also have asked from these distributors for 50% profit in the profits they've been making from his films.......!! with all those blockbusters.......this sword should be dual edge for them. not good.

answered by Star (140k points)

Well distributors already do that. Overflows go to producers.

what the shit is wrong with you......gosh........ i was trying to troll.....can't you feel the scenario... pisses me off

What you were doing is clearly seen. Distributors are most unlucky guy in trade.

+1 vote

And i guess you aren't much thrilled about this development between Salman & Distributors..??

answered by Super-star (194k points)

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