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There will total of 7 mini trails & 3 songs before the trailer.

So 2 more mini trails & a song is on the waiting list. Only then trailer will be launched.

7 Answers

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SRK was pissed off with the comments that he messes with director's vision..!!

So this time he decided to give entire marketing responsibility to Imtiaz Ali & his team, and you can see the results..!!

by Mega Star (215k points)
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Actually it's Srk's strategy only aka RCE's.

2 more mini trails to come & a song. Only then the trailer will reelase.

Total 7 mini trails & 3 songs. As of now 5 mini trails & 2 songs are released.

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mahn you people cry twice every second over jhms promotion strategy ...... !! everything depends on trailer......... !!

you answer me two things... you genius einstein.... if you watch a trailer....

1st- how long do you think it will take for you to decide whether you liked it or not??

(if the answer is more than 2 seconds then you have a mental problem....)

2nd- whether you're gonna watch the movie or not after watching the trailer????

(the answer is usually YES or NO...unless you are baazigar in which case the answer becomes..... kill muslims and then yes or no)

for now people who masturbate using digital media (internet using people (target audience of jhms)) know there is a movie coming called JHMS. so awareness is there..... thanks to these mini trails.

so even if the trailer releases a week before movie release..... and whoever decides to watch the movie they'll readily wanna watch it if they liked it or felt connected or book their ticket in advance... !!

so take your hand off of your spitting cobra, use both hands for typing....and take it easy.

by Star (155k points)

...+1 bt class not dismissed? ???.........


jaanemann class dismissed kya ... tere liye 3 kilo machli khanay k baad jitni jaan ayegi wo saari haazir.


for now people who masturbate using digital media (internet using people (target audience of jhms)) know there is a movie coming called JHMS. so awareness is there..... thanks to these mini trails.-----

+2 votes

This is the strategy: release the trailer around the time that it's buzz can carry over to the movie's release.

What is the point of releasing the trailer to early. In Hollywood that might be working. They release initial trailers 6 months before release, and then proceed to release 3 more.

In Bollywood, only one is needed. And after that trailer dialogue promos are released. The mini trails are kind of like dialogue promos, just released before the trailer.

When the trailer comes, along with the best songs from the album, then buzz will go way up, and the movie will be out soon to cash in on that buzz.

No point in releasing a great trailer in October when the movie is releasing in January.

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)
+2 votes

It wilk release on around 20th July..or it's not going to release at all..

by Director (135k points)
+2 votes

SRK movie doesn't need Trailer. He has such huge fanbase that all will throng to Theatres on 4th Any Day Any Time he will give excellent Opening.He is King of Openings and SRK knows that

by Producer (103k points)
+2 votes

The movie had almost no buzz prior to the release of poster. People who are in excessive connection with Bollywood only know that SRK is doing movie with Imtiaz. So they had to create some buzz prior to trailer release now that has happened so any time you can expect a trailer. In fact, I think it's not necessary enough to have trailer. Release two more songs, combine mini trails.

by Production Designer (15.9k points)
+2 votes

I am stunned. You are still waiting for trailer of that movie. I am stunned. I am stunned. Still Stunned.

by Production Accountant (20.1k points)

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