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User Baazigar is Spreading Communal hatred ..

+15 votes
He is abusing the users of this forum by sending hate messages through Pm's (private messages) ..


3) ?dl=1

2) ?dl=1

1) ?dl=1

Do read from bottom to top in order to get the synchronisation of the conversation ..

He is matured enough & not a kid to tell that he don't know what he is doing ..
He is repeating inspite of several warnings given by the Admins..
So you users of this forum decide whether he should be allowed to be in the forum ..
This forum is there mainly to discuss the movie related stuff ..
Sometimes we may troll the stars but this is pure hatred of him against a particular community of users ..

My request to all the users here if ever you had receive any kind of hate message in your pm by anybody plz do share here ..

You can upload your screen shots of your pm here ..
& paste the url Link of that image ..

Here is Baazigar's reply on my another answer ..

I never abused him & told him to prove that if i have abused him he is simply lieing ..

Btw i didn't paste here his 1st Evil message against Islam(i'm saying it evil bcoz it is such a hateful message one can't imagine)
My reply started from that point where i cursed him personally later he asked to forgive him but still continued to harass me mentally ...
asked Jul 7 in Warnings by Irdwhelp Second Unit Director (77,865 points)
96% Accept Rate

edited Jul 9 by Irdwhelp

I feel Baazigar Ko chance Dena chahiye tha to show if he was abused or not.

@Charlie jatinder he was blocked after 2 days of this post ..
do you still believe that i started all this then you are wrong man ..
I have posted all my messages sent to him ...

jatinder bhai attention le rahe hain lol...Chat room mein keh dette aggar itna feel kar rahe the tou.

Seems bazigarh has multiple accounts on the forum... Kbhi isse toh kbhi usse defend karne aa jata hai....

12 Answers

+10 votes
Best answer

i wish i could say im surprised.....

mjhe bhe bht saray PM karta raha hai ye aadmi but i dont respond .... because i know the poor fellow can't even understand..... because he does not want to understand.

i have noticed him from years...i know what kind of guy he is..... mentally.
and its not his fault..... he himself is the victim.

i have always said people like baazigar are those extremists ...... they dont have any knowledge of what they say or do .... they only have one thing stuck in their brains and that's
"whatever they think or say is correct"

aur is main in jaise logon ka bhe koi fault nahe ... because these people are mentally unstable.

i have always considered baazigar to be this kind of guy ...check the following link.

the only thing that can be done .... for the protection of society is to keep these kind of people separated from society, so that no one could hurt them and they wont hurt any innocent ...because these people dont even know what they are ...and what they are doing.

answered Jul 7 by Grand Nova Star (140,577 points)
selected Jul 9 by Irdwhelp

Welcome back Grand Nova ...

wulfric reporting ird........ hendrix out.

+7 votes

Yes he is bad mannered man he should be banned at least for 6 months

answered Jul 7 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (20,407 points)
+7 votes

He deserves a ban for posting all this rubbish. Even I have warned him in the past, but he does not listen. As a user of this forum and moderator, I strongly feel he deserves a ban for such activity. Would also want to know what other users feel about this issue.

answered Jul 7 by Intense Cinematographer (97,603 points)
+7 votes

My opinion:-
Ban him permanently.

answered Jul 8 by Maruf Sarker Producer (108,001 points)

@Maruf bro thanx ...

Wah maruf bhai you spoke unbiasedly I like it so +1 from my side

+5 votes

Before I give my detsiled opinion. I would like to know what baazigar has to say about this. And I don't need to say how wrong it is. It's just plain wrong.

answered Jul 7 by Charlie runkle™ Producer (115,329 points)
+4 votes

Baazigar bhaiya baaz aane walo mein se thodi hai ..

answered Jul 7 by Criminal Director (133,985 points)
+4 votes

Aise Hi Hai Uncle Baazigar

answered Jul 7 by puneetshukla Cinematographer (99,663 points)
+4 votes

Wasn't he a fan of Amar Akbar Anthony?
We should not allow to reach the impact of any convulsions undergoing anywhere in this forum.

answered Jul 7 by shah Unit Manager (38,429 points)
+3 votes

He is neither fan of SRK nor Any khan, he is against Muslims and SRK is a muslim how could he like a Muslim Actor then, Personally he is the most pathetic user on this forum kindly please block him permanently.

answered Jul 8 by IamLostSoul Assistant Director (40,643 points)
+2 votes

Le aao isse haveli pe.....mai samjhaa dunga.

answered Jul 7 by Salbajaj Camera Operator (8,844 points)
+1 vote

Ban him permanently

answered Jul 8 by srkwasim Location Scout (4,112 points)
–1 vote

MMS .... leak kyu kar diya.

answered Jul 8 by Agan Executive Producer (64,010 points)

though the words Tiger used r harsh....but baat thek hai.....kuch khyal karo Kabir bhai.....i love ur sense of humor.....but this is not the right place

damn i again had a boner .........with words like "MMS leak kar diya" and "kabir" in the same post..

i may be horny but the way kabir write (i mean first of all dil ki dhadhka taiz ho jati hai but thats not the point) ....... its like the girl you talk to on whatsapp. <3.1

.....i was on weed last nightt.....i apologize.....

damn hot aur ooper se.....sansakaari bhe hai....... total package

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