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Mom easily took a better opening than Guest Iin London across the main cities in India. The opening is not much different in smaller cities but that is irrelevent as none of the films are not going to find an audience there. Mom will have chances of good growth as it for the 5-6 metros and these centres will contribute a huge ratio of the business and they show big jumps on Saturday.   
Below are the admit figures of shows before noon with the cinema counts taken from each centre listed next to the city. All figures are from the same theatres for all films.
Mumbai (35 Cinemas)
Guest Iin London - 976 admits
Mom - 1,745 admits
Delhi (22 cinemas)
Guest Iin London - 652 admits
Mom - 1,061 admits
Chandigarh (7 Cinemas)
Guest Iin London - 213 admits
Mom - 335 admits
Jaipur (8 cinemas)
Guest Inn London - 202 admits
Mom - 312 admits
Total (72 Cinemas)
Guest Iin London - 2,043 admits
Mom - 3,453 admits

Source : http://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3058
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I am coming to Jammu.are u in jammu

Oh yeah man. ..lets meet up at covfefe coffee day, Railway Station road wala. Zarowar chowk.

@Baazigar....check pm

Got it.. Will definitely come. Thanks for inviting mahn.

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