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Because its Salman Khan's image that affected the film mostly because no one expects a role like this from Salman and also his acting was not upto the mark. With someone like Srk or Aamir as lead these factor would have been missing which could ensure a better collection.
asked in Opinion by Director (135k points)
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with same level of acting.......NOPE


but but but........250cr WW or even 275cr was achievable with SRK


yeh ashok dinda ke kya chakkar hai

10 Answers

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I don't agree they might have done the same or even less than the actuals ...

answered by Editor (80.9k points)

@Baazigar .. whatever you have to say, say it in the open post. Not individually to Irdwhelp.

He abused you for being a Hindu? He abused you for being an Indian? In no way you had the right to bring religion. Whatever you have to say, do it in that post while you still are allowed.


Even intense have indirectly abused me sometimes but I ignored but it is very difficult to ignore when someone else abuse you i hope u understand,I never used derogatory language for irdwhelp but he crossed the line


Just show where did i abuse you .
don't tell lie since i have pasted all the messages between you & me ..
& show me where did i cross the line ..
the thing is i just hate to keep any kind of conversation with you ..


Abhi aur kitna jhoot bolega ..
Ethics naam ki koi cheez hai bhi ya nahin ..

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Dont agree at all. A bad film is a bad film. Even with aamir or SRK, result would the same.

answered by Producer (111k points)
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the same old question ..... from the fingers of dummies (i dont know may be at this point actual dummies would be more intelligent than srk fans)

how much this would have done with srk aamir , how much that would have done with srk aamir

in the world of stardom in comparison to srk aamir "a level up" is called being salman khan ......
if a salman khan's movie does a particular NUMBER .... then its the ceiling of that film's boxoffice prospects with respect to its merits

a raees with salman khan would have done 250cr
a dangal with salman khan would have done 500cr

a tubelight with srk aamir would have done the actual potential of these sort of movies...and that is ..... 60cr-70cr

answered by Star (149k points)

reees with salman 75 crore..............Tubelight ka fuselight ho gaya.salman is an enertainer jab acror banne ki koshish karega to tubelight hi hoga

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With Shah Rukh 135 Crore and with Aamir 175 Crore Overseas 15 Million and 18 Million

answered by All Time best! (283k points)
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I haven't watched it yet but everyone including boi blaming kabir khan so I think it's a bad movie. .where many praising the performance of Salman Khan. So I don't see problem in performance, either movie is bad or Salman doesn't have following beyond his boundary. If movie is really bad srk Aamir wouldn't make it 200cr. But as eid factor is here they would cross sure shot 150cr.

answered by Editor (88.3k points)
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Nah the movie was average itself so it wouldn't have done 200cr but yes i think 150cr
Bcoz audience didn't accepted salman in this kind of role
Aamir is always known for doing diff roles
SRK has done it once with MNIK
So the result won't change much but it could have done 150cr

answered by Production Accountant (26.1k points)

Public can't accept macho man Salman in this role


Yess specially the mass audience
Also the norm is
Still it would have done better had it been a good film

+1 vote

Kuch Bhi

SRK Himself Movie Struggle For 150 cr

answered by Location Manager (6.7k points)
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Along with Salman's acting and image issue, the style of stroytelling also wasn't upto mark. There was no story from what I hear. Just Salman crying a lot and saying yakeen over and over again. But if exactly the same movie with exactly the same release conditions was made with SRK or Aamir, it would have done 150-165cr.

answered by Unit Manager (37.9k points)

The film had story but Direction is not upto mark

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Tubelight is an average to below average film. I rated it 2.5/5 on FDFS.
Now it'll end at 116 crore approx.
Like we know, Tubelight opened to average response in south (where Pre-EID stuff isnt much in Mysore, Tamil, Kerala - Where SRK has strong foothold in south). So with SRK Tubelight had done better, North Central East West would have remained same but south would have lifted the film little more.
While in Tubelight, Salman's acting was pretty average and in many scenes he looked funny in emotional scenes (No not trolling but seriously). So with SRK, acting would have been better like we saw in MNIK.
So overall Tubelight with SRK would have done around 125-130 crore (10-15cr more).
At the end it would have still called as Average film even with SRK as the film itself was averagely made.
Dont know about, he is unpredictable.

answered by Producer (108k points)
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Bad film... so with Amir n SRK it will not do 200 cr. But it will do 15-20% more bussiness.
Overseas no doubt... better.

answered by Executive Producer (64.5k points)

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