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Means flop.

Impressions kitne hai?

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60k not flop average,its a gangster flick even talassh was a flop and initially dhoom 3 was huge flop too

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How many impressions converted...............................

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Dangal TRP was 4.3 with 1.62 Cr impressions...
now you can calculate estimate for Raees Impression.


Can you give proper link of BARC ratings for week covering June 25 and 60 k is not that bad for gangster flick.Films like 3 Idiots,Bodyguard and CE will have much more impressions than Dangal and PRDP


Daddu baazigar comparison is always made between movies which is released around same time...
Dangal is best performing movie on television premier after BB & Baahubali 1...

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It's low..... but okay fig considering it's genre. TV audiences prefer commercial entertaining pan India film.

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It was a mediocre movie as it is. Content wise kaabil was much much better. So no surprises that no one was interested in watching it on TV.

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No its 5.26 ...Official Barc India ratings

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