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Now this is what Anushka spoke during 2nd song launch recently.

Anushka Our film has much more to say but we cant show it in 2.5 mins trailer. I think the idea of these small trails are very good. People are responding it very well and iam happy about it. We have released some 4-5 trails and they are enjoying our characters.


SRK - Imtiaz team and my team sits after every week to discuss what we should do next. We decide depending upon the response we get from people and also from my Delhi friends, So far overall response to our film has been good


I guess makers are thinking that its not a commercial film so we wont do much hype for the film as it will cater to certain section of audience and those audience knows whats coming on social media and they want trails and all stuff.

So i guess thats the reason makers arent going in full force. They think buzz is very good as they are getting good response from Friends and Media and Likes and Views on youtube.

They are unaware of the ground report.

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Pure imtiaz class..?? lol

Then why sell it at high prices, why don't just sell it at 15-20 crs and be done with it, fools..........!!!!!!!!!!

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budget remains higher. Need money for RCE too. Sell at high prices on SRKs name. simple


Even Tamasha was sold at high prices .I don't know how these Studios are so dumb. They take the movie at such high prices only because of Starcast. They don't see the director ,Genre .some of our forum members deserve to be part of these Studios

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Before first mini-trail = Can cross Raees

After first mini-trail = May or may not cross Raees

After next few mini-trails and first song = Will be good if it crosses 100 crores

After second song = May or may not cross Fan

If this continues at this rate, JHMS may not even cross Mohenjo-daro.

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Mjo itself would have done 90+ without clash, jhms will do lt of 100-105cr as of now.

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So according to you some people on the forum know about the movies buzz, but the people who's job is to market it, people who get paid to do it, don't know "ground" reality. I dont know what people want from SRK. Either he's overhyping or he's not hyping enough.

You'll see hype when the time is there. We don't need to see huge hype for an urban rom com a whole month before release.

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I don't know what is the problem with you guys. Sorry to say but buzz is enough. It is still four weeks to go and people have started talking about it. I don't know what ground reality you guys are talking about but people of every section are getting informed about it. Please don't overhype it. Keep expectation low. Opening in the range of 18-22 is the target the makers are making.

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People are talking regarding a certain Shahrukh Anushka film. Lekin are they interested /? 2 songs came and they arent Superhit


People who watch mini trails are liking them. Generally in Nepal Hindi movies are watched in theatre by literate people only. ( except Salman's some movie). People here are quite curious about the movie. 90% of the people I talk with are liking mini trails and Radha song. Radha is going to top charts!!! wait and watch!!!


You live in nepal ....badiya

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Even the kind of section of Audience they are targeting haven't liked much about JHMS. Mini Trails have got mixed response among its target audience as well

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Even movie won't get expected opening in high end plexes movie is losing charm

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This is where SRK has stumbled in the last few years in comparison to aamir, salman and akshay. He needs to know he is making films for the audience, not for himself, not for his private viewing at mannat.

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It seems along with the audience and distributers they are fooling themselves as well.Sallu fans wld be excited.Revenge is on.

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Film will be appreciated by critics but it will just break even and will do good business overseas

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