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The theatrical market, evidently driven by the marketing brouhaha, is understandably getting tougher for independent and modest filmmakers to penetrate. In order to get their labour of love some viewership, they have now begun to look at the online platform that welcomes one and all.

Abhay Deol, who has backed some striking content in the past as an actor, will now present three films — 'Mrs. Scooter', 'Kaagaz Ki Kashti' and 'Teenkahon' — on an acknowledged digital platform.

He believes that in the given scenario, where cinemas focus on mainstream Bollywood content or in the Southern states on regional cinema, a move like this can open doors for films that would have lost heart battling for breathing space.

"I'm presenting these films on a digital platform. So many smaller films don't get an appropriate theatrical release in any case. I hope to draw attention to these movies and offer variety to cinema lovers. Smaller films can get that deserved platform here, thanks to this new technology, which we're still trying our hands on. We're yet to see the impact it has on our industry," says Abhay, who believes that every film that hits the online space doesn't have to be "bold" in nature.

He points out, "My move is to encourage fair play, and a digital platform will give films like these a level playing field. People can choose what they want to watch. Most films that don't conform to a mainstream narrative are rejected by presenters, stating that they don't have a star or a good song. So, bringing them online can at least bring forth newer and varied voices in cinema. And hey, there's some return on investment, too."

Source Link: http://www.bombaytimes.com/movies/india/abhay-deol-to-present-three-films-online/articleshow/59439589.cms
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