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Which means salman is coming on eid next year either with remo's next or dabangg3.
asked in Opinion by Cinematographer (96.1k points)
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Yeah, I thought so. It's a good thing, otherwise these insecure people will talk about how Salman is scared not to release his film on Eid and Tubelight failed''. Ranbir will reign supereme at the BO and blah blah blah. All of negativty will come from Ranbir fans and SRK fans who both seem to be on the same page.

I don't think Akki, Hrithik & Ajay will get an Eid release. Even if they do then they will face another clash.

Could be salman only, with d3 or remo's film, yes some users dream of seeing ranbir give 200cr on eid will remain a dream only.

One guy gives a downvote to my comment. Two typical fan bases just accept negativity knowing that both of their favourites Ranbir & SRK could never get an Eid release.

This GIF will help.

8 Answers

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Hahahaha some Ranbir fans just had their dreams crushed, they had dreams about getting Eid release and beating Salman, hahahaha lol delusion, delusion lol

answered by Super-star (194k points)
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"there is one salman fan who thinks Ranbir is superstar".... Hamare ghar me ye Bhibhishan koun hain? Naam toh batao bade bhai....

None other then Puneet Shukla.....!!!!!

I feel bad.............we wont be able to experience the magnitude of ranbir's stardom on eid, but positive yeh hai ki we will get to see his astonishing acting talents much sooner, in march itself.

Acting talent.....lol

+1 vote

Oh no! Abb Bhai haters ko orgasm kaise milega?. .... Lol!

answered by Unit Manager (31.4k points)

@Tiger, please avoid using such words from next time. @Baazigar, applies to you as well.

@Intense, I just said Bhai haters.... Didn't mention any fanbase.... Isme itna galat kya hai?

Was referring to a particular word, that you used.

I've see many people using the word here.... So I did.... Btw, if it is offensive now onwards I'll try to avoid it.

+1 vote

Holiday Release doesn't Matter for Dutt. It will do 200 Cr whenever it releases unless Raju Hirani hasn't made the movie in his Trademark style

answered by Cinematographer (99.4k points)
+1 vote

This is the reality of today, you can't take on someone like salman khan. I was laughing on all those who thought even for a second that Raju-Ranbir will get Eid release and what was more laughable was that they even thought that they will take on salman and beat him. Welcome to real world all Raju Hirani and Ranbir fans.

answered by Production Designer (13.8k points)
0 votes

Biggest Grosser of March sureshot......................

answered by All Time best! (282k points)

Yes it will beat BNKD and do more than 130cr lt for sure now.

0 votes

Salman won't have a Eid release next year. May be a film from Akki, Ajay or Hrithik.

answered by Executive Producer (68.8k points)

They won't be having an Eid release. Even if they do then they will face a clash.

0 votes

Mood khraab kar diya......now salman again on eid...boring

answered by Camera Operator (8.8k points)

Fir Global king ko bol Eid pe aa jaye 2016 ke tarah... Haha

2013 ki tarah..............Global King to 1995 se hai burbak.......dobara record dikhayun, naye naye star bane hain

Hahahaha ..........

Kuch hoga tab naa dikha payega handa...

0 votes

Srk,amir and hrithik fans ko bura feel hua unka sapna toot gya salman ko Eid se baghanay ka very sad I told you Salman will never ever leave Eid for anyone he will have an eid release 100% sorry bazigar,Charlie bhai Saab,Greek god, rajat, haider nobody can snatch an Eid from salman and better luck next time

answered by Casting Director (19.7k points)

At one point it looked like celebration came early for those who those who thought Salman won't be having another Eid release.

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