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asked in Trolls by Unit Manager (31.4k points)
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tubelight dobara dekh ke aaya hai..tubelight raees ko cross kar legi pakka....................................lolwa Raees reshot hui thi for many scenes thats why it wasn't released on eid

Srk jisse darke bgagta hai usse Ranbir panga le raha hai.... Ranbir>>>srk.... #SHAME....

shame shame on 2010 star giving 100 crore loss and bringing distributors on road which he did for majority of his career and not compensating small distributors fake being human

If Salman is a 2010 born star then srk ans tukka paazi yet to born.... Plz contact a sperm-bank.... And I'm also ready to donate it.

6 Answers

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KHANs >>>>>>>>>> Rest, Any where, Any day , Any time.
1st (most probably) This seems a PR stunt.
2nd (might) Then Sallu will have no release in 18.
3rd (least chances) Clash will happen.

answered by Production Accountant (20.7k points)
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+1 vote

Ranbir kapoor will destroy salman's career......srk is a good friend of salman so dey work mutually

answered by Camera Operator (8.8k points)
0 votes

It clearly means that bhai should now run away from Eid.

answered by All Time best! (282k points)

Bhagoda samajh rakha hai kya global king ki tarah.. . Hahaha

0 votes

.........haHA yes....completelyy agree....bhaijAAn....

answered by Production Accountant (26.1k points)
0 votes

I like Salman thousands time than ranbir.... .yet you demand an answer. The answer is bhai lost clash badly from both ranbir and SRK. Srk ne ekbaar dost samjhkar chod di, ranbir ko kaunsa dosti nibana hai, wo bhai ki gf se lekar movie tak sab me marega.

answered by Editor (87.4k points)

Ranbir jisko marnewala wala hai (acc to u) global king usse darr ke bhagta hai.... What a shame!

Bhai ne chahe jitne bhi clashes hara ho kbhi vho nhi bhaga hai clash se bhagoda ki tarah.. . Hahaha

–1 vote

Lagta hai Tiger bhai ne dobara Tubelight dekhi hai aur ab lunatic se retard ban gaye hain.

answered by Production Accountant (29.2k points)

Kahan ban rahe thay ani-Bhai posts. The forum page has only you making these "troll" posts.

Only the first one is a troll. Itna to chalta hai bhai

Mene bhi toh bas utna hi kiya....