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Except for Varun Dhawan I can't find any actor without failures. Even the great Dilip Kumar had an outright flop after 15 years in the form of Dil Liya Dard Liya in his career as a lead actor.
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2 minutes silence for those who open this post to put varun dhawan's name in their answer.


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There is not a single actor who hasnt faced failture in a career which is long.
But the actors become successful when the no. of times they get success is more than no. of times they fail.

All big superstars like dilip kumar rajesh khanna dharmendra amitabh bachan and khan trio faced failture bt they are legends bcz they have much more success than failture.

by Assistant Director (43.7k points)
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+1.....everybody counts success mainly not failure... Eg- We all talk that Sachin has scored 100+ centuries but nobody talks that he failed 600+ times to score a century...


Yes thats true

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None of them, varun dhawan is too young to be put into that category, he is bound to have a failure sooner or later. The khans, rajesh khanna, bigb, dilip/dev/raj kapoor, akki, hr, every superstar has seen it.

Life is not about how hard you punch, its how you early can you get up and land that knockout punch.

by Star (148k points)
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Aamir hasn't seen much Failure since the time he started doing one movie at a time and doing selected movies. After 1995 I think he only had two Outright Flops - 1947 Earth and Mela .In which one 1947 Earth was art movie which was bound to Flop at that time . Mangal Pandey isn't considered Outright Flop in the Trade .I don't know how BOI gave it a Flop . It's a Below Average- Average grosser
Now some will say that Even SRK has only given 1 flop since Paheli but in Today's time Verdict more about Perception and it's lenient also anything less than Hit for Khans in Commercial Movies or Festive Releases is considered a Failure

by Producer (103k points)
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still he hasn't seen consistent flops..


SRK in his best Phase gave too many Flops so should I say that wasn't his best phase .. in that time Flop was bound to happen with bad movies and non-appealing movies

–2 votes

Every Actor Faces Hiccups. They Are Alright. But Too Many Hiccups Ain't Something One Should Ignore. Statistically Speaking For 21st Century,
Aamir Has Been The Most Consistent. He Has Only 2 Flops Among 12 Movies. A Failure After 6 Successes(Read ATB). Great Record.
Shahrukh, Too, Can Be Said Consistent. Although He Has 6 Flops But He Has Done 30 Movies As Well. A Failure After 5 Successes. Commendable Record.
Salman's Record Is Not Good. Out Of 40 Movies, He Has Faced 21-22 Failures. That Is A Flop After A Success.
Akshay & Hrithik's Record Is Even Worse Than Salman's. Not To Forget That Varun Is Striking Gold With Every Movie.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

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