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Single-screens which ran TUBELIGHT are in huge losses. In Ferozabad (U.P.), two cinemas, Sant & Bharat, lost entire price of 9.11 lakh.

Maya cinema of Hathras (U.P.) claims, he lost all that he earned in BAHUBALI 2 & DANGAL, in TUBELIGHT alone, which he booked for 4.11 lakh.

Distributors of TUBELIGHT in tears. Some hav come to Bombay to plead with Salman to refund them money. Salman should rise to the occasion.

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in General by Production Accountant (25.5k points)
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kuch lakh bhi wapas nahin de sakta

9 Answers

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Komal Ji Sallu Bhai ke pichhe par gaye......

by Executive Producer (65k points)
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+8 votes

Now this is actually sad
They lost all profits earned by Dangal and baahubali 2 and are in huge losses.

Tubelight broke their back

Earlier such condition was called " distributors ki toh laashein bich gayi" as told by komal nahta

Someone must show to this arrogant people like tanveer and omkara who even now are shameless trolling others.

Its 100 cr disaster surpassing biggest disaster like bombay velvet.

Feeling bad for good salman fans like Shah

by Unit Manager (39.3k points)

Thug of Itsboxoffice forum

Ye kare Bashing toh chamatkaar, humne kar di toh ???

Stop crying or else forum will wash away in your tears

EPIC Drama Queen

Trade is hoping 200 crores from JHMS,
+6 votes

Don't know why they are wasting their time here , they simply needs to meet BOI admin who will explain them how to cover their losses by pre/post Eid real value...
And salute to bhaijaan, Tubelight>Dangal plus Baahubali 2 as Tubelight losses alone is going to be bigger than combined profit of two ordinary hits.
Megastar for a reason.

by Director (129k points)
+5 votes

LOL. Deepak bhai.Yes, BOI's real value must be a life saver for these distributers now.TL has performed well according to them over the weekend.

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)
+5 votes

Ye to Such distributors aur Exhibutors ki toh laashein bich gayi re....
50% refund to banta hain bhai.

by Assistant Director (40.2k points)
+4 votes

Y should he return distribution price back? If distributors want their money back then they will have to return all the profit they earned from Salman khan movies in last 7 years if they can't return all that profit then what the hell they are ranting like hell to incurs loss? Jab Salman se khoob kamaya tab mazy kiya abb thoda lose hua to ankhein bahir agyi ,gain and loss is a part of game if you earn profit you don't return it but when you lose you demand incurs of losses y? That is not fair play and fair business my friend

by Production Accountant (25.5k points)
+3 votes

I didn't expected such type of statement from a trade analyst like Komal Nahta. It seems he is targeting Salman Khan. He should refrain himself from using such type of statement like "Laashe bichh gayi distributors ki". He is actually crossing line.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)

Actually komal is getting personal this time


Salman kinda got personal first....way below his stature

+2 votes

Salman ka thaika hai k inhay wapis karay.....zyada he drama kr rahay hain yeh cinema owners......ab to dua h k aisay dramay baaz logon ko Salman aik takka wapis na karay......agr film zyada chal jaati to kya yeh extra paisa Salman ko daitay??....nhn ab roona hai business.....Salman ka dil keya to tum logon ko bheek mein chandd paisay dy dy ga

by Unit Manager (33.4k points)

@Baadshah bhai agli film ke time yeh distributors log maar denge agar kuch refund nehi kiya toh.


inki itni aukaat nhn hai yaar.....luckily for Salman Tiger Zinda Hai is the only film as of now which can make these people earn gold....YRF is backing.....Salman is in a safe situation acc. to me....though i did believe earlier that Salman should return some money, but if these people r blackmailing Salman like this then he should give them nothing


The point is some people lost their Lifetime savings. Otherwise losses are bound to happen.


first, i don't think they lost their life earnings
second, if they did......they r bound to invest somewhere to get some money........n that somewhere for them is FILMS.....n FILM they can rely on the most is Salman's SRK uses term Zugzwang in his distributors are facing Zugzwang

+1 vote

BHAI koi BHARPAI nhi karne wala, BHAI ka to ek hi FUNDA, apna kaam banta, bhaad me jaye JANTA...........jb BHAI veer ke producers pe case kr skta h profits(haan sahi me, veer ne profits kamaye the, sacchhi ) me se share na dene ke liye, to ye distributors kya hain..........

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)

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