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asked in General by Camera Operator (10.6k points)
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Now This Is Awesome. Kudos To Ranbir & Anurag For Believing In This Movie. I Hope It Works Well For Them.

answered by Production Accountant (25.7k points)
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+4 votes

superb trailer...exciting....seems anurag basu has done a good movie...after many years of hard work..result will be finally known on July 14 and people expecting poore 5 cr ki opening will be disappointed I guess...

answered by Set Decorator (1.6k points)

yeah poore 8 cr opening like papa roshan's kaabil and magnum opus... international vfx movie Mohenjo-Daro..

frst let Hrithik cross yjhd .. then we can talk...wen is his nxt movie..? oh wait he is on vacation...


Shobith9, first let ranbir cross worldwide collections of kaabil, which clashed, then we will talk.

First let ranbir see the face of 3cr footfalls, which hr did with his first film, then we will talk. First let ranbir challenge the mighty khans and give hgoty three times, then we will talk. First let ranbir consistently give bumper and second biggest openings, then we will talk.

What makes you think you can challenge or compete with hr? Dharma production ke sahara ka star hai ranbir. 4 flops and an all time disaster.....and you want to compete?

Wait for super 30, krrish4, first weekend pe hi ranbir ka career cross ho jaaega. Till then i feel sorry for you mate.

+3 votes

This is something out of the world for a Bollywood movie . Ranbir is taking Bollywood to newer heights with his choices. I hope they have executed it well as it's very difficult to execute these kind of movies but one thing can assure those who are saying "Poore 5 CR ki Opening " will hide in their holes .I will definitely watch this movie in Theatres unless Reviews are extremely Negative
5/5 for the Trailer and 5/5 for Ranbir's acting

answered by Cinematographer (99.3k points)

rajat, say as many times as you want to, i will not get provoked, and I do not think your comments were required here.

I will comment under whatever answer i want

Whatever comment i want

I'll answer whichever question I'll want to..!!

Yuo have problems, go complain to Admins.......... Oh wait lol

Isi umar mein kar di.....................................galti se mistake.

You were right Chirai, Ranbir kapoor got upgraded, this time pooray 5 crs ki nahi, pooray 8.25 crs ki yani pooray sawa aath crs ki opening mili ranbir the mega super bumper duper star ko..!!

+3 votes

......super funn....gut feelingg.....ye picture daudegi.....

answered by Production Accountant (26.1k points)
+2 votes

So much potential................. Wasted..!!

Well that tends to happen when you do such movies with a limited actor and a non actor, so that you have to make them into childish shit instead of something really good with good blend of fun & seriousness, which are for both children + adults..!!

And actually it's good, Ranbir couldn't pull Jagga Jasoos if it were to be blend of various things, so this childish turd is good for him, but even in this, he isn't doing good..........

He is more irritating than Tow mater of cars2 in this trailer

BTW i know what I'm watching on 14th july

answered by Super-star (194k points)

Well, Take One From My Side. Your Insecurity Toward Ranbir Is Really Ludicrous.

My favorite star is SRK....... you think I'll be insecure of this guy lmao

Just like rajat's hatred for hr is flabbergasting, inexplicable, startling, perplexing, stupefying, unnerving, bewlidering.

Bhai itna word toh dictionary kholke bhi nehi nikal payega Lord Rajat.

+1 vote

Not as bad as everyone was expecting
But still doesn't look that good box office wise

answered by Casting Director (18.5k points)
+1 vote

Is this a kid movie or what?

answered by Production Designer (13.8k points)
+1 vote

Awesome trailer.Visuals are superb.Ranbir and Kat looking very cute. I will watch it if reviews are in favour.Seems exciting and adventurous.4/5.

answered by Director (138k points)
0 votes

Its a unique attempt, but it wont work. Ranbir is overacting like anything. 2.5/5.

answered by Cinematographer (95.6k points)
0 votes

So basically Anurag Basu is paying homage to Ace Ventura like he paid homage to Charlie Chaplin by copying and making barfi. Homage it is Anurag said it. And classy overacting from Ranbir always. It just lacks some butt swinging dance from Ranbir.

answered by Executive Producer (68.7k points)
0 votes

Didn't like it.Childish. Tubelight 2.
as far as BO is considered it is very difficult to predict this one.

answered by Production Accountant (20.6k points)