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Criteria :

# Have a minimum of three theatrical feature film credits, in all of which the roles played were scripted roles, one of which was released in the past five years, and all of which are of a caliber that reflect the high standards of the Academy.


# Have been nominated for an Academy Award in one of the acting categories.

- SRK was never nominated.

- In last 5 years, SRK hasn't done a Single film "which is of a caliber that reflect the high standards of the Academy."

Aamir Khan - PK & Dangal

Salman Khan - Bajrangi Bhaijaan & Sultan

asked in General by Production Accountant (20.8k points)
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8 Answers

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Still Bajrangi Bhaijaan is not a great movie for some!

answered by Unit Manager (35.6k points)
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Well, too bad, besides, SRK could never match the standers of Academy Awards, afterall he gives awards to right movies when he's hosting..!!

And also, Academy's loss..!!

answered by Super-star (194k points)
+3 votes

If it is about acting, then Fan was there...though content wise there wasn't much... guess they overlooked DZ.

answered by Director (134k points)
+3 votes

I dont think that can be the reason. Agree he has done a lot of below par movies, but fan was a very good film with a stupendous performance by SRK.

answered by Cinematographer (96.1k points)

Puneet fan had one of the most brillant first halves. Second half was good but unrealistic. Yes had they edited it a bit, it would have been a landmark, amazing film dude.

Well i like FAN more than Raees, Dilwale & HNY..

Landmark film ka matlb pta hai Bhai ?. A film which gets huhe amount of acceptance from public .Fan was never supposed to get it .I didn't find Fan bad but it was not a movie to get acceptance

Irdhwhelp same here. Puneet, critically acclaim bhi landmark men aa sakta hai bhai. It was a good film, not a great film....could have been much more.

+3 votes

answered by Second Unit Director (77.2k points)
+2 votes

Who cares OSCAR.... SRK >>>>>>>OSCAR

answered by Executive Producer (64k points)
+2 votes

Why not Akshay then? His films like Jolly Rustom Airlift were all same like PK Bajrangi na

answered by Producer (105k points)

@iamkhan i have seen both Jolly LLB-2 & Rustom but neither them were as good as PK, Dangal, Sultan & BB ...
May be Airlift is good which i haven't seen ...

+2 votes

I would say FAN was a high standard film. It flopped but was very well made and had great acting. Even Dear Zindagi was good. That is 2 films.
So neither of these 2 reasons is the answer.

answered by Assistant Director (41.3k points)