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I had wet eyes in Kick in Pre-Climax Portion .When Salman goes to her Friends Mother for asking money for that child operation and when she says - "Maine Tujhe abhi tak maar ni Kia .Maine kaha tha tujhe mere pair padna padega .Then The way Salman touches the feet and cries . And her dialogue - Aaj bhi kaun Jeeta - Main ya Woh .
Kick also had Great Dialogues .Some really Massy Seetimaar Dialogues and Salman Acted so brilliantly. I agree that some scenes were irritating but still it was way better than Other Masala movies
asked in Opinion by Cinematographer (99.4k points)
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Kick is the one rare movie of Salman which I give a watch everytime when it is being telecasted. I often call my friends a tailor made movie for Salman Khan if that begining over hyping flaws are ignored. It's better movie than ETT, bodyguard, ready, Dabang 2 and Prem Ratan Dhan payo

answered by Production Designer (13.4k points)
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@sunil Kick is any day a better movie thn the above mentioned films even with all its scenes ..

+2 votes

Kick is way more watchable than many other masala films. Even I liked it much more than the likes of bodyguard. Had a good supporting cast too, nawaz was menacing as a villain and randeep had a meaty role too.

answered by Cinematographer (96.2k points)
+2 votes

Where shall i puke?????????????????????????shit bore movie

answered by Unit Manager (32.3k points)

agree it was Boring . check my answer once

+2 votes

Kick thrashed some so called global kings HGs in its lifetime run.... Still it underpowered little bit IMO..... Cz Bhai's aukaat is way bigger than those so called global kings....!

answered by Unit Manager (31.6k points)
+1 vote

You Just Disgraced The Adverb "Brilliantly".

answered by Production Accountant (25.7k points)
+1 vote

Underperformed upto considerable extent. may be jai ho effect / audience was bored of masala movies.some distributors lost money.

answered by Production Accountant (20.8k points)
+1 vote

average film.......................................but liked Mithunda

answered by All Time best! (282k points)
0 votes

Nowhere close to Ravi Teja's Kick!. Ravi Teja is a better actor.....

answered by Second Unit Director (71.7k points)
0 votes

Salman aur acting ek line mein bhi aate. Wait you even added word "great" there. Oh wait even Brilliant. I wonder why this post isn't hidden yet.

answered by Super-star (165k points)

Still it thrashed global king's HG CE....Aur kya chahiye?

0 votes

No. It did very well for what it was. It was not a good movie. Thay scene where they show Salman getting a kick from the kids' smile made me lol.

They made it look like his creative juice was about to burst.

answered by Production Accountant (29.4k points)
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I went to watch the film during EID with my family + 2 chacha's family. We all loved original KICK as it was very entertaining. But to our surprise First half was Boring..... 2nd half was also Boring till last 20 mins which lifted the film very much due to emotional angle.
Till last 20 mins it was 1.5/5 But due to last 20 mins overall i rated 3/5. So you can how impactfull that climax was.
Overall it performed more than my expectations. Thought it will do 180crore max lekin did 211 crore.

answered by Producer (105k points)

You didn't like it much because you started comparing it with Original Kick and you have seen it . think about us who haven't seen Original Kick