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Exclusive: Salman-Kabir to work together again; Salman will play senior citizen. Details inside. [closed]

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Mumbai: Contrary to the misgivings raised by the meek Box-office figures for the latest Salman Khan starrer 'Tubelight,' the film’s director Kabir Khan is all set to reunite with the 'Tubelight' superstar for a film that promises to be even more daringly unconventional and un-Salman.

A  source very close to Salman Khan reveals, “See, bhai is not really bothered with what the critics say. He wants to play characters now, and not just be Salman Khan the superstar now. The same critics slammed him for just going in front of the camera and not doing anything to change into characters. Now when he’s keen to play characters he will do what he wants without fear of criticism. Kabir and bhai had already discussed another project during the making of 'Tubelight,' and that commitment remains unchanged.”

In fact, during an Eid get-together at Salman’s home, Kabir jokingly asked Salman if he still wants to go ahead with another project with him.

Salman apparently grinned and mock-punched Kabir.

The new Salman-Kabir project would require the superstar to age from 40 to 75.

The reliable source further divulged, “Bhai got scared of that film because he would have to use a lot of prosthetics to show age. Bhai is not comfortable with prosthetics. He always says no to roles that require him to put on disguises, fake beards, etc. because of his neuro-condition. However, now when he is in the mood to stretch himself as an actor and the old man’s role with Kabir, this will happen.”

Source Link: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/entertainment/bollywood/280617/exclusive-salman-kabir-to-work-together-again-salman-will-play-senior-citizen.html
asked Jun 28, 2017 in General by God Father Production Accountant (21,824 points)
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closed Jun 28, 2017 by karan khan

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Na bhai na, ab aur kabir nahi. It will get too monotonous. Yes want to see salman challenge the actor within, but with someone who is actually competent enough.

answered Jun 28, 2017 by Intense Director (127,718 points)
selected Jul 1, 2017 by God Father

Even I think so. Maine bhi Kabir ko bhala Bura kaha but woh bhi ek Insaan hai .Kabir is a good Director but he should not write Screenplay but I saw in Bajrangi Bhaijaan credit his name was there in Screenplay along with Paevez Sheikh ,V Vijayendra Prasad

C'mon man. Just one flop does not make one incompetent. Sooraj Barjatya aside, Kabir is the best director Salman has ever worked with. Definitely the best in this century.

'Sooraj Barjatya aside' ...what was this??hahahaha....u r still trolling Kabir or what.. Mr.Hola

No man, I am being genuine. I do not like his movies. But there's no question that Sooraj, at least for his first 3 movies, was one of the best directors of Bwood. His movies had it all, universal appeal, huge box office, and critical acclaim.

He might not be a good director now, but in the 1990's he was one of the best. Certainly the best Salman ever had.

But I do see how that can be seen as trolling

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baseless rumor. he doesnt have time till 2020 to do anything new

answered Jun 28, 2017 by thekai100 Unit Manager (34,624 points)
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Again Kabir has come up with something weird and again he is asking Salman to stretch the actor inside.

Bhai Kabir, at least you should do "one for me, one for them", don't just go into this weird zone. The industry will shun you.

If you want to make this, at least go with some new actor, or someone who you can actually get that level of performance from.

Anyway, if true, good luck. Nice that Salman is willing to stretch himself at this point in his career.

answered Jun 28, 2017 by mr.hola Assistant Director (45,962 points)

Bhai will not do a film like Tubelight in this century....Salman doesn't give a damn abt ACTING oriented roles if those roles don't work at BO....all that matters to Bhai is boxoffice.....woh to Bajrangi k chakr mein phas gya, wrna direct Tubelight k to aas paas bhi na bhatakta Salman

Yes you are right there. He may still think Kabir has the potential for that BB type movie if he is considering this.

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Salman talked about this movie in Tubelight Promotions and said it's script was very good but he didn't do because he has to use prosthetics and since he suffers neuro problem he decided not to do it. I hope Salman does this movie but please Kabir Khan don't write Screenplay yourself and Please Release it on Non-Holiday. From now on I will Prefer one Salman Movie Commercial Entertainer on Eid and One Content Oriented movie on Non-Holiday. No problem if it becomes a Flop but please make it good

answered Jun 28, 2017 by puneetshukla Producer (101,948 points)

Kabir is not here on the forum so don't address him. he is not going to listen.
Remember I said BB was a fluke.

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