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+3 votes
Source Link: http://aajtak.intoday.in/story/salman-khan-fans-fires-crackers-during-tubelight-show-in-malegaon-mumbai-1-937962.html
in General by Camera Operator (9.5k points)
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edited by

Sorry boss Hindi not allowed in the title of the post. Very old rule made by Zin himself.

You can use Hindi in the description but not in the title.


Thanks for the edit.

And regarding the post. Yes, good action taken by police. You can't put property as well public lives at risk. They should've taken action when the fans did this during PRDP itself but they were let go easily. Fire crackers should be banned inside theatres. and theatre personnel should stop supporting fan clubs who want to play such dangerous games.

5 Answers

+2 votes

Couldn't understand a word but as the link says Salman fans fire crackers in tube light show...Tell them to buy more tickets

by Second Unit Director (74.4k points)

......it means 9 bhaijaan fans arrested.....theyy burst crackers so......haHA....


Okay got it.....

+2 votes

Bhai already told that this movie is not for Launde Lapades................ But no one takes Bhai seriously, and so these things happens..!!

Feeling sad for golden heart wale bhai, no one takes his words seriously, no matter how golden his words are..!!

by Mega Star (209k points)

hahahahaa.........But no one takes Bhai seriously, and so these things happens..!!


3 saal se hit ke liye tarasnewala Global king takes Bhai's words seriously... Eg- Global king went dauda dauda to Tubelight's set to do a cameo after getting a call from Bhai. Fir dusre log Bhai ki words ko seriously le ya na le kya fark padta hai?


this is the last time i m writing this....as i m bored with making u realize this simple thing again n again Tiger
ALL OUR SYMPATHIES ARE WITH YOU.....jst don't make us feel guilty as if we r doing something immoral with u


No clean hit from last 3 years
No HGOTY since last 10 years
No 140cr grosser without Deepika
And above all hw runs away even in fear Akki (Salman toh thik hain but Akki se... LMAO).
@badshah bhaijaan, SYMPATHY ki zarurat aapke fanbase ko hai hume nhi.

+1 vote

9 Lapdes in Jail but Bhai is still out. Naa insaafi hai.

by Super-star (170k points)

Both Lahore wala banda and global giga ishtar are free men... We want insaaf.


Ro le bhai thoda Dil Ko araam milega. Abhi toh Bura time shuru huya hai Thara.


No clean hit from last 3 years
No HGOTY since last 10 years
He runs away from clashes in fear of Bhai & Akki
But bura time hamara chal raha hai... Hahaha....


Ek din ** tumlog sahin ka fasaad khada kardoge!

+1 vote

Not a responsible thing to do. Any my question is, why are people still watching this movie?

by Assistant Director (44.4k points)
+1 vote

This is why Bhai said the movie is not for launda lapades.Now I understand.

by Star (146k points)

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