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I can't see Salman going anywhere, he is here to stay. Reinvention is a game that he has in his genetic programming. "It's no 'chance pe dance '". He has no retirement plans and sporting salt -n- pepper beard. He continues to be a gym fit action hero, still romancing and dancing with heroines half his age and making us laugh and cry at his movies. For me "One is just a number and I give not a care to it. " He's timeless. He has conquered ageing in his own way. All the negative things about him here or there will fall on deaf ears of his enormous fans and neutrals. As of now "Make hay while the sun shines " Savour all the happiness you can for the failure of Tubelight. Its once in a long time opportunity.
asked in Box Office Related by Assistant Director (47.5k points)
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Of course not. His fans are loyal to him and so, therefore, he will still be here for a long time. That's the problem with people on the Internet these days. When a movie doesn't do well at the BO, people just exaggerate too much to point where they cross their limits just to spread negativity.

Now everyone is predicting that Salman will never give a Blockbuster in future as if they can see the future. He will give another BB for sure and when that happens people will eat their words.

Tubelight has received negative feedback but the fact is Salman is making an effort in terms of script. After the success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, he realised that audience are demanding better content. This why he's gain so much confidence with the audience unlike SRK who has no clue what people want these days.

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No chance till 2020. He is too big a star to fade away that easily. But yes he needs to avoid getting complacent, as content is the king today, not stardom. Avoid getting directed by his brothers too.

answered by Producer (103k points)
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Flops don't matter for khans...........................

answered by All Time best! (283k points)
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He just fired the manager who took him to such heights. And just as she has gone, he has started working with his family again. Sohail was in TB. Atul is producing Bharat. Arabaaz is apparently getting Dabanng 3 after a long delay. IMO those are dangerous signs.

answered by Unit Manager (33.9k points)

Yes it is. His poor choices were the reason for his disastrous 2000-2009. Lets hope good sense prevails.


I'm not gonna hope that


...............In that case let us hope good sense prevails for SRK


Aap ke muh main ghee shakkar

May HR and SRK both get back to their top positions.

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Ban-tha ke baal bana ke
Joota polish karwa ke
Nachenge hum tha tha thaiya

Sajan Radioooo oo oo
Bajaiyo bajaiyo bajaiyo zara
Sajan Radioooo oo oo
Bajai ke sabhi ko nachaiyo zara
Sajan Radioooo oo oo
Bajaiyo bajaiyo bajaiyo zara

answered by Mega Star (200k points)

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