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Most Probably He will have 4 more releases ;

1) TZH - forced Sequal.

2) Remo's Emotional Eid Torture.

3) Ali Abbas Zafar's Patriotic-Emotional Torture.

4) Dabangg 3 - Dabangg (2010) B-grade Remake.

Non of them will get Blockbuster verdict.

Still, " 8 Blockbusters in a Decade" - Record.
in Box Office Related by Production Accountant (25.6k points)
95% Accept Rate
+3 thing bad happens aur loag aapko failure saabit krna shuru kr detay hain...AB WOH BAAT NHN...i think tyical mentality of sub-continent people

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Bold Yet Wise Prediction : PK Is Safe Till 2020.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)
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Pk ka Baahubali foreign film ne baja diya baja


How? You feel toh will not beat pk? Or you meant to say no non aamir film can cross pk?


yup. But Aamir Khan will cross it 2 times more atleast till 2020. Others will be chasing BB, Sultan & Dhoom 3.


Baazigar, Bahubali's Could Hold The Record For Only 25 Days. Dangal Is The Top Grosser Currently.
Intense, Well You Do Know What I Meant. The Latter One Though.

+8 votes

After Jai Ho lot of people like You said Salman is over .Kick would also not 200 Cr. It's actually After Jai Ho Salman's came back Stronger and Delivered Huge Blockbusters along with Content .Now again he would be back with TZH in Christmas and I hope he comes back more Strongly than before to shut mouths of All Haters

by Producer (103k points)

I said in worst case and Btw it will get Blockbuster Verdict at 275CR Lifetime and that doesn't seem to very difficult


Lets Wait & Watch. Till now I got it right every time.


@god father: everytime? LOL. U got one right and it becomes everytime. Even for TL yourprediction was not good. You said it wont cross PK. Anyone can predict something like that. You could not even say TL wont cross 250 crores, foregt 150 crores.
You can get every predictions right bu saying this or that movie wont cross bahubali 2.


I told you way earlier it won't cross 300 cr. remember that Bet?
And then again on 22nd June :
And then again on 23rd June :
BTW my prediction were way more close then anyone else in the trade.
Also I predicted that Dangal will be the BHOTD & HGOAT on 23rd Dec. In one of the post I also said that If WoM matches critical acclaim then get ready for 375 cr+.

+5 votes

Answering here, so that can BUMP it again...... you win or i win.....

Decade baaki hai abhi.........

BOI - There will be talk of even Salman Khan on a downward spiral now but nothing really changes for him, he remains the most popular star for the Hindi audience by a distance and it will take 4 or 5 Tubelight's to change that.

by Location Manager (7.4k points)
+5 votes

Not just a BOLD prediction but a real fact ..
Aamir will never able to top in star rankings he will always remain below Salman may be even below Srk(at present) ie.. at 3rd place .. p

by Editor (85.7k points)
+3 votes

Tell me one thing when aamir gave the laash was he dead? When gave dhobhi ghaat was he finished? Now he will give secret will he be gone game? Kuch b bakwas krta hai srk giving constent underperformer since 2009 so according to your logic srk would have been gone game listen one thing TUBELIGHT won't effect Salman khan he will show you the path with tzh opening then we will talk

by Production Accountant (25.6k points)
edited by

When I used to say something like this about TL, you guys didn't believe me. Now Wait & See the fate of TZH.


dont take tanu seriously anything below 340Cr is MAHA flop for salman. right tanu


Ab kya SRK SRK kar raha hai. Acc to you he is a fossil record.


Yes coz he is the biggest star that's y

+2 votes

If i take a worst case scenario, with due respect, you were damn right with tubelight, tzh should be a blockbuster, 75% chance. Dabangg3 will be hit at best I agree, such movies are dead now.

Otmf has potential to be a blockbuster, cant say about remo as well, looks risky now, so 2 blockbusters aa sakte hain in the next 2 years.

by Star (140k points)

I don't think Bhansali's movie is happening anytime soon,may be in 2020.

Even I want TZH to be a Blockbuster Because of 2 Reasons ; 1) Bollywood, 2) Katrina Kaif. But Its highly unlikely that it will get Blockbuster verdict, max Super Hit.

No chance of SRK giving HGOTY. JHMS will most probably in Top 5. TZH, Golmaal Again & Padmavti will fight for Top 2.


Rofl, same for me, so that we see kat and her beauty for a much longer time


Padmavati won't, biggest reason, it's women oriented and i don't wanna sound negative but most of them doesn't do that well..!!


yes, so that I may see My Dream Girl " Katrina Kaif" Beauty as much as Possible before my accidental death.

+2 votes

Way too bold. TZH is very likely to be a BB.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)

IMO Opening (1st day, 1st weekend) will be Big after that It will fall badly. Audience taste has changed alot so a movie with WoM/Content like ETT will be rejected but still with Sallu star-power, Action & Xmas it will cross 200 cr. Currently I'm predicting 240-270 cr.


270cr is sureshot Blockbuster....i think u need to read ur post again, from where u started

+2 votes

Are you an astrologer or someone having supernatural powers?

by Executive Producer (66.8k points)

Lol,none. But got to admit he got it right with tubelight.


@intense: he got it right but that was hardly a good predictuon. He said Tubelight wont cross PK or Bajrangi Bhaijaan but it wont cross 150 crores. It would have been a good prediction if he said it wont cross 200 crores or even 220 crores.


I told you way earlier it won't cross 300 cr. remember that Bet?
And then again on 22nd June :
And then again on 23rd June :
BTW my prediction were way more close then anyone else in the trade.
Also I predicted that Dangal will be the BHOTD & HGOAT on 23rd Dec. In one of the post I also said that If WoM matches critical acclaim then get ready for 375 cr+.

+1 vote

Once in a blue moon...............kabhi kabhi.....aaayyeeeeeeeeee

by All Time best! (285k points)
–2 votes

My prediction is TZH will fail massively. Aur ek film clash kare toh mazaa double. agar TzH fail ho gaya toh Iss decade chod do retirement taak BB nehi milegi agar Distributor log gadhe ki tarah 132 crore pe film kharid lenge.

by Second Unit Director (77.5k points)

Yes kaise hrithik abb retirement tak simple hit b nai de payga leave alone SH and bb tu hrithik ko dekh salman ki chod


Do you want me to bash HR next time?


yes. do it shah. Aise bhi Salman fans ne kaunsa Tareef ki barsaat kiya tha.

@being_tanveer tu mera desi bhai hain iss liye kuch nehi bol raha hoon. Aise tera taste itna kharab kaise ho gaya.

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