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+2 votes
Tubelight has underperformed and may not even hit 150 crores. But it will certainly cross 100 crores. So how can a film that crosses 100 crores be a flop? No film that has crossed 100 crores has ever been given the flop verdict. Even ones which have been sold for crazy prices and made losses. Tubelight can be maybe semi hit or even average, but not flop.
in Movies by Assistant Director (41.8k points)
99% Accept Rate

For salman khan 160-175 cr is equal to disaster now... 210-220 flop . But still we love our salman bhai.

9 Answers

+6 votes
Best answer

It needed 250 crs at minimum just for break even...... 26-270 crs for hit

It was sold at 132 crs, now even if it does 150 crs, it's DS will be 75+......... That will mean more then 55 crs loss

And if it does less then 150 crs then losses will be even bigger..!!

Now the second equation is overseas

Normally had overseas performed well, it might had helped, but overseas right are themselves sold at 45 crs+ which means it needed 15 million for breakeven and little more for hit verdic

And it might not even cross 10 million in overseas

So Tubelight is going to heavy loss maker for distributors everywhere, and these are not small loses, these are really big losses..!!

by Mega Star (213k points)
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+4 votes

100Crore Ain't A Benchmark For Success, Period.
There Are Numerous Flops In 70s & 80s Having 1Crore Footfalls That Roughly Translates Into A 100Crore Now. There Have Been Flops At 200Crore i.e 2Crore Footfalls As Well. Last Flop Having 1Crore Footfalls Is Aamir Khan Starrer Mela. But The Way Box Office India Is Defending Tubelight's Disastrous Run, I Wouldn't Be Surprised If They Declare It A HIT At 150Crore Itself Regardless Of 50Crore Loss To Distributors.
I Would Blame That Stupid Distributor Narendra Hirawat Who Bought The Film For 132Crore Thinking Salman Would Perform An Aamir. There Is Vast Distance Between Both Of Them. Hirawat Had Suffered Heavy Losses From Shivaay Too. And He Has Also Bought JHMS For 125Crore, Although That Is A Worldwide Figure. Clearly He Has No Business Sense Whatsoever. It Appears That 2017'd Be His Last Year In The Industry.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

He wasn't expecting Salman to do an Aamir

He was expecting Salman-Kabir combo to repeat Bajrangi Bhaijaan, plus Salman also had Sultan last year, so i guess he must've been confident of Recovering costs
And yes, i agree JHMS is also a bit high, it should've been lower IMO

Still, Overseas recovery will happen, it's Domestic i feel he should've gone less..!!


The Relief For NH Would Be That 125Crore Is A Worldwide Figure As A Whole. So JHMS Wouldn't Be Loss-Makes Unless It Gets Wrapped Under 325Crore Worldwide. 150Crore NETT Domestic Should Translate Into 75Crore Share & $20 Million Overseas Should Make Another 50Crore. Anything Below That Would Be Disappointing.
For Tubelight, NH Is Distributing In India Only. YRF Has To Bear The Overseas Losses As They Are Distributing It.

+3 votes

Why Not ?. Salman Standards are way too high . But according to me anything above 140 Cr shouldn't be given Flop as BOI didn't give Flop to Dilwale and Jai Ho as well . But looks like Tubelight would Finish with 130 Cr Lifetime

by Producer (103k points)
edited by

I mean by BOI .They didn't give Flop To Dilwale Jai Ho then how Come Tubelight would be given .For me It's a Flop even at 180 Cr


Even though they were lenient in those verdicts, this time losses are bigger......... Infact if Tubelight fails to cross 130 crs then Distributor loss will be in 70 crs range just from domestic...... It's way too much..!!


Dilwale weren't sold like Tubelight. And also SRK compensated 25% of losses so there wasn't heavy loss not more than 25 cr unlike Tubelight which will give 60cr loss
Jai Ho I guess it was sold for 75cr in India. It's share was nearly 58-60cr.. So it wasn't a heavy loss


Ya It's Pretty Evident that Tubelight is the biggest Flop of in terms of loss to Distributors among Superstars

+3 votes

Answer is one word: yes. Flop.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
+2 votes

For solo Eid release..below 130cr should given flop as it performed poorly in overseas too

by Location Manager (6.5k points)
+2 votes

=>Films are made by producers. Sometimes producers themselves are the distributors of the film (Like Yashraj, Dharma Reliance, Eros etc.) Sometimes Producers sell the film to the distributors.

=>Distributors sell the film to sub-distributors of various film territories.

=>Sub-distributors sell the film to the theatre owners. Whatever film earns by selling the tickets is known as Gross income. Whatever theatre earns, first they pay Entertainment tax to government. (Single screens as well as Multiplexes)

=>After paying Entertainment Tax, Theatre owners share the earnings with distributors. It depends on the nature of theatre. In most of the cases, it is like

25:75 (Single Screen theatre owner : Distributor)

Multiplex owner : Distributor

Week 1 - 50:50
Week 2 - 60:40
Week 3 - 70:30
Later - same as week 3

=>Now,whatever amount distributors get is known as Net income. If the Net income(selling of tickets and rights) is more than the cost (Amount paid to the producer by distributor + Promotions) film will be declare as hit otherwise film will be a flop.

->So even if tubelight does 130 cr in first week- Distributor will get around 61 cr.
->After that it seems it may earn maximum 40cr in remaining weeks- Distributor shares around 21cr.

=>Total 82 cr distributor share which means loss of around 50 cr to distributors assuming tubelight will earn around 170cr.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
+2 votes

Jai Ho started the trend of 100 crores grosser becoming non-hits and SRK and Hrithik had to suffer most. Now 100 crores flops will start coming

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
+2 votes

There is a first time for everything. Before ra1, every film that crossed 100 cr was declared blockbuster, but ra1 was declared only hit(not even superhit) despite collecting almost equal to blockbuster ready released in the same year. It was due to high distribution prices. Similarly, tubelight can also be declared flop, coz 100 cr is no criteria for success.

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)
+1 vote

The issue is the price at which it was sold, an exorbitant sum, which is going to be lost in huge amounts now, going by that logic, it is a big big flop, distributors felt salman plus kabir combo from BB will do the magic, little they would have imagined kabir khan has messed up this like anything.

by Star (140k points)

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