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Top 5 2017 1st Day -

1. Tubelight - 20.75 Cr
2. Raees - 20.29 Cr
3. Jolly LLB2 - 12.06 Cr
4. BadriNath ki Dulhania - 11.68 Cr
5. Half Girlfriend - 9.27 Cr

Top 5 2017 1st Weekend -

1. Tubelight - 62.75 Cr
2. Raees - 59.48 Cr
3. Jolly LLB2 - 47.59 Cr
4. Badri K D - 41.88 Cr
5. Kaabil = 30.65 Cr

And MIND It......... Tubelight is having:

1. No Macho Salman image.
2. No Action
3. No Item Song
4. Nothing like all previous EID Releases
5. Trashed from 1st show itself, from critics to self proclaimed trade analyst

OS / WW bhi 2nd hai after Raees, Last Nahi

When BOLLYWOOD is pitched against SOUTH-BAHUBALI kind of mega films, Salman still in his DISASTER outing has outshine everone came before this year.

RECORD DISASTER mein bhi bana jaata hai apna bhai, baaki RECORDS toh intact hai hi....

Salman's Failure is bigger coz of his STARDOM which is BIGGEST, his EID Records which are biggest, warna 109 cr WW disaster nahi banti which is still a milestone for some who are yet to cross 100 Cr WW.

in Box Office Related by Location Manager (7.4k points)
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I don't understand why salman fan's themselves declaring the movie to be a disaster when BOI have confirmed the weekend is pretty good.


tubelight is disaster in terms of performance by salman..................

6 Answers

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No need to worry. Life is not a bed of roses, they said. I 've stood besides him even in his worst phase. Salman has not lost the aggression and drive; just a movie among tens.

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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I feel for all genuine salman fans, but bro, ye sab se kuch nahi hoga. Point is the distributors will be left red faced, something which has not happened for salman movies since a very long time.

All i want now is salman to stick to this formula and make otmf remake, remo film etc, but exercise greater control, and not just let these guys cling on to his stardom.

by Star (140k points)

Salman's films have biggest DISTRIBUTOR SHARE, which Srk/Aamir don't have, he has earned them 2-3 times before, now if for once they lose some, it's business, they should face it.

They never gave back Salman for big success, do they?

+1 vote

Dangal also had neither and without promotions on cash crunch it did 29cr on the opening day

by Second Unit Director (77.3k points)

Kashyap bhai salute aapko. Kahan se ek hi cheez likh lete ho har question pe?

0 votes

Disaster? They have already declared that it is a pretty good weekend so it should be atleast a hit.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
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Weekend is not disaster my friend..................Itna to hoga hi...............Tubelight fuse ho gayi..................Chennai ne 30 crore ke margin se weekend record toda tha jo naa aamir kar paaya aur bhai.........................Flop tubelight overseas mein disaster

by All Time best! (285k points)
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Kabhi Eid chodke January pe aao. Tubelight agar January pe release karta toh 60 crore lifetime aata.

by Second Unit Director (77.5k points)

I feel pity for u. Take medicines regularly. Get well soon mamu.


Double digits opening ke liye tarasnewale ki fan hoke Salman pe bakwas kar raha Hai...Medicine ki zarurat tujhe hai munna...


As I said to you papa ki Pari Get well soon.


I'm saying to u papa ki bhoot get well soon...

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