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Post Eid it will create havoc and surpass sultan and may be Dilwale

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Pre Eid /post Eid not looks nice from sunny deol fans...
JFYI sunny highest overseas grosser is 3.1 m$ which is crossed by Tubelight in opening weekend...


hahahaha.....deepak bs kr yaar..out of nowhere an RKO.........Baazigar bhai regrets the day he told us that Sunny Deol is his favorite


never.................Aamir and Sunny still have 17 Hits with Sunny having more bumper openers..............Aamir aur Salman zabardasti ke stars the in previous two decades........................amir ki aukaat bhi sabko pata hai


Hahaha phir shuru ho gaya daddu apni purani fairy tales lekar....
Oye oye uncle there is no handpump now to save your ole ole star...

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Wtf may be pan india star factor affected on overseas collection very much . Bhai Roxxx

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Wait according to some users here , Tubelight 1st day Collection in Gulf was 1.1 m$ but surprisingly even the weekend is same...
means due to pre eid no one shown any interest after its opening day...
Let's hope now it perform better because of post Eid factor...

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It is Eid period. muslims dont watch movies during eid period and People of other religions dont watch movies out of respect for muslims

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan > Srk's All OS Films

Sultan > Opening of All OS Films & LT just below Dilwale

_____ Salman ki har film beat karde SRK ki har film toh rahega kuch nahi

Be happy that Salman has this failure, warna Aamir ki OS films leke defend karte Srk ko.... LMAO

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Srk 21 Blockbuster Overseas

Salman 3

DZ Weekend > Tubelight Weekend


Bajrangi Bhaijaan - Only 1 Film Above Every Single SRK Films which came before & After it

India - OS - WW

Ab issey jayda besti aur kya hogi for a star who has 21 Blockbuster OS, can't cross 1 film even after BB??

Koi na JHMS aa rahi hai, do cross BB if possible.


Abe 21 Blockbuster hain aage tou biz badhna hi hai

1 film ke gross mei aane waale time mei Ranbir Varun ki film bhi Khans ki film se zada Kama skti hai koi

Iska mtlb Varun > Khans tou nhi ho jaega na

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Haha Ha ...
Frustration looks clearly with this long tag ..
btw we Salman fans never claimed him to be the no.1 star in overseas ..
but He is no.1 in domestic which even his haters know so carry on .....

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