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The second mini trailer containing the adult references have not been recieved well........this is not to incite a fan war, so answer sensibly.....how much you all feel jhms will do in its lifetime?
asked in Opinion by Cinematographer (96.2k points)
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We heard that there will be 7 mini trails, and the first three released in quick succession, but after Radha we haven't seen another one so far. That leads me to believe that SRK has seen the response and decided to hold back on those mini trails. Hopefully we get another song soon, followed by the full trailer on 4 July (1 month before release).

From what I have seen so far, I think JHMS will do 160-175cr.

answered by Production Accountant (29.4k points)
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They are revealing a bit too much in the mini teasers. Even i feel the same, around 165cr lt.

Yeah, just hoping for a Trailer that highlights a few good dialogues, previews some of the songs, and gives us good visuals. SRK has knocked the trailer out of the park with FAN and Raees recently, lets hope he does it with this one too.

+2 votes

I would not predict anything on a basis of a 30 second promo

But Indicine seems to be bit negative mindset for srk since after Fan, there answers didn't had much positivity for SRK even in Q&A related to Raees even

And just for record...... This is for puneet


answered by Super-star (194k points)

+2 votes

Do Indicine even know what is niche film ?. Ya There was an adult joke but that doesn't mean It is a niche movie .It's a movie for Multiplex Audience with less appeal for Single Screen Audience but here we have SRK who gives the movie more appeal . Movie for Urban audience/niche means movie which can work only in Big Cities Multiplexes .Movie is carrying Average buzz due to poor marketing strategy doesn't mean it's for urban audience .If Opening comes low SRKians wil start saying it's niche movie which it isn't

answered by Cinematographer (99.4k points)

Its not a niche film like Fan which too was not fully niche

It isn't a niche film. It is hardcore commercial romantic movie. It may open less but it will run long. Songs are more important for a romantic movie than a trailer for masses. If songs clicked then the opening above 20cr is guaranteed. Even 25cr is possible. I don't expect more than that now. In the present scenario Salman is bigger than Sharukh so it doesn't matter much. Yes, if JHMS opens around 30cr I will say I was wrong SRK still was a no 1 mass puller for initials. Though I don't hesitate to say SRK is loosing his faith among neutrals. It definately will take time for him to pull back them again. One movie on the standard of RNBDJ can do that.

Its not a normal romantic movie my friend.....be ready for surprise

+1 vote

I hope the treatment is not like that since I can assure you it will be not like Rockstar and Love aaj kal

answered by All Time best! (282k points)

yes.....it will be different from Rockstar, Tamasha, LAK, JWM, SNT, Highway

–1 vote

Chindicine can go to hell.They are overconfident and arrogant.

answered by Director (138k points)

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