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Infact, hardcore BOI fanatics are bashing/making fun of BOI. They are the same Hypocrites who used to troll Aamir fans for bashing BOI.... Now, all of them have changed their colour and turned into BOI haters..
asked in Trolls by Unit Manager (31.4k points)
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u r lone warrior from yesterday. i respect u mahn
advance eid mubarak

Apna toh aadat hi kuch aisa hai....Kattar Bhaijaan ka fan hoon BO ka nhi... So, jab movies kam chale tab energy aur badha deta hoon...!

Anyway, thanks for the wish... Aapko bhi Eid mubarak.

5 Answers

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Dead chillies can turn 36 into 45. Never underestimate.

answered by Unit Manager (35.5k points)
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Hahaha... Just imagine if Tubelight makers would've used Red Chillies calculator its first day collections would have been 30cr instead of 21cr...

+1 vote

Don't get frustrated dude. Hota hain.

answered by Executive Producer (68.8k points)

LMAO! U guys blabber nonsense on Tubelight whole the in frustration.... But mujhe frustrated na hone ko bol raha hai... Hahaha... Ulta Chor Kotwal ko Daante...

sarcasm tumhare samaj se bahar hain dost. Jao troll karna bandh kar diya. Ab khush. Iske baad Tubelight ke upar koi answer nehi dunga. Happy now.

Haan... Tera sarcasm pichhle 15-20 din se bardasht kar raha hu... Ab hadd ho gayi....Abse tere ek bakwas ke liye mete do-do reply ayenge... But yesss... Jabtak Bhai pe bakwas nhi dekhunga HR ko bash bhi nhi kahunga hamesha ki tarah.

+1 vote

.........tere saathi log to bhaag gye......ab tera kya hoga kaliya.......haHA..........

answered by Production Accountant (26.1k points)

Wo kahawat suna hai naa... Ek Sher sou bhediye pe bhari padta hai...Main akela hi kaafi hoon sekro bhediyon ke liye..

0 votes

The Way Box Office India Is Defending Salman, Hiding His Exposed Stardom Behind Excuses Of Pre-Eid & Macho Image, Is Really Ludicrous.

answered by Production Accountant (25.7k points)
0 votes

No one saying that their numbers are faking. People have problem with their commentary and the excuses they are giving.

All superstar will have a bad movie here and there, no need to defend it by giving stupid excuses. Aamir had Talaash, SRK had FAN.

Both side should calm down. Aamir/SRK fans should wait for at-least one week before declaring Tubelight flop and Salman fans should stop giving excuses for low opening.

answered by Location Manager (8k points)

First of all, read the post completely... This is solely for srk and hr fans... Not a single word gas been written for Aamir... Pata nhi firbgi tumhe kyu mirchi lagg gayi jo srkians ko defend karne utar aata!

2ndly, we r not giving any excuse... Jo BOI ne bola usiko quote kiya....isme galat kya hain? Ab BOI koi chhodke ke Red Chillies calculator pe bharosa kare kya?

BOI commentary is biased , that is what I'm saying. Boi can be trusted for box office numbers only

Nothing wrong in pre Eid thing.... Can i explain why Bajrangi Bhaijaan Monday collections>>>>>Friday collections?

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