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Tubelight fights pre-Eid but Sabarmati winds create problems --->

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asked Jun 24, 2017 in Trolls by Kabir Production Accountant (26,828 points)
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In se Achchi to dhinchak pooja hai...

It's BOI who said about pre Eid factor... So it is obvious that Papaji and red Chillies calculator wale fanbases BOI ko nhi manenge....!

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Hillarious. Wind. And also blame the sun for day heat.

answered Jun 24, 2017 by Greek God Executive Producer (69,085 points)
selected Jun 29, 2017 by Kabir

Selfish sun. Ek din bahr naa aata to kya bigar jaata.

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LOL. whoever is making these is a genius. purely hilarious. BTW movie itni buri nahi hai. yeh jo rona dhona chal raha hai salman fans ne khud hi start kiya hai. gigastar ki opening nahi lagi na. overseas mein bhi aukaat samne a gayi. chand fans toh apna pichwada bachane k liye homemade surveys le rahe hain. Kehte hain wom outright negative hai. abe gadho Wom outright negative hota toh salman ka wohi haal hota jo besharam ka hua tha. yaad hai k nahi. besharam log. raddi bhar ki sharam nahi hai

answered Jun 24, 2017 by thekai100 Unit Manager (34,582 points)

Homemade surveys ke saath saath Disprin bhi le raha hain. kuch grand nova jaise toh bhaag gaya hain forum se.

......for more funn search on twitter #boileaks.......

three posts i saw of boileaks.........done by some Aamir fan.....really trolling BOI in style

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You forgot one thing, some people might be sick, and they might have missed the movie because of that. So add 1cr real value for sick people. How selfish of them to not watch the movie just because they are sick.

answered Jun 24, 2017 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,989 points)

Yes BOI is fake... Only Red Chillies calculator and Papa Roshan calculator are the genuine source of trade and box office..

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Hahaha....papaji ke calculator ke madad se 10cr opening denewale star ke fans ab Tubelight ki genuine 21cr opening day ki mazak banayenge........Kya kya dekhna padta hai social media pe!

answered Jun 24, 2017 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,681 points)
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Tubelight Highest Grosser in Mentally Challenged Social Drama

answered Jun 25, 2017 by Ankit Casting Director (19,622 points)

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