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It's interval n if u want to learn from KabirKhan, how to get inspire by a good film #LittleBoy to make a crap film #TubeLight then watch it

SRK Ka Ek Scene Bhi Aa Gaya hai. Bhai Ne magician Ke role Main Kaya Zabardast over acting Ki hai. Bhai Apko Bhi film fair Pakka Milega! Lol!

Source Link: https://twitter.com/kamaalrkhan/status/877786004907859968
asked in General by Camera Operator (10.5k points)
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Ab yehi aukaat rehgayi tum haters ki jo iss gadhe ke bachche ki review ko yahan share kar rahe hain ..

@Irdwhelp, krk works for money, guess salman did not pay him, thoda mil jaayega to yahi aadmi 2 din kuch naya bolega.

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Who cares about him? I wont even go by his dumb reviews. Audience reviews and some popular critic reviews are what we should wait for.

answered by Editor (83.6k points)
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KRK Formula
Baahubali Cartoon Movie
Baahubali 2 Crap Movie Decade
Sultan Lifetime 220 cr
Dangal Bhai Jaan 150 Cr Touch Nahi Karne Doonga
KRK Panauti

Now Ab To Baahubali 2 Bhi Gayi

answered by Location Scout (3.5k points)
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I told you real story of krk in 2014 he said kick will be super flop and won't do even 150cr but it did 211cr then came Bb he 1st claimed it will be super duper flop but later he changed side then came Sultan like always he said Ali has made a crap movie it won't go past 200cr etc he utters bigger words during every Eid release and like always he has to eat his own words and has to shut his mouth ,before dangal release he claimed to destroy dangal and said he will make sure dangal won't cross 150cr and that was his challenge but result is visible to everyone so Let KRK bark like hell TUBELIGHT will do wonders at the box office like Every Eid release

answered by Production Designer (15k points)

I also want he predict 150-200cr. for tubelight & Tubelight collect 300+cr.
he is self-proclaimed critic, decrease collection of every movie to prove that he know box office better than other , try to prove that whatever he reviewed is right. He post for every movie 4 weeks ago 'disaster', 3 weeks ago flop then average then Hit & Blockbuster.. then whatever verdict that film achieved he will retweet on his tweet according to collection. " I tweet 2 weeks ago that this film will be superhit, I'm no.1 Criric &bla..bla..bla." , I want this time he will fail & Tubelight collect atleast 100cr. more than what he predicts.

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What you people follow KRK'S reviews
This is the man who said baahubali is cartoon

answered by Camera Operator (9.2k points)

it is.....for the vfx part

He also said the whole movie is ghatiya and S.S.Rajamouli is chu**ya
Half gf is blockbuster
Why are you guys taking KRk's side to bring Salman down
KRK toh twiiter pe JHMS ki bhi udaa rha hai

i don't even know what he is doing with JHMS....he is a troll.....but is predictions go right many times....thats the perception i hv.....but i don't follow that guy.......i was jst saying that his 'cartoon' part was bang on.....no better way to define the vfx B2 had....even after 200cr budget......200cr he lgana tha to RedChillies ko hire kr laitay, dhangg k vfx hotay film mein

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Hahahaha... Now srk Salman fans will come together.

answered by Editor (86.5k points)
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Advanced review report

answered by Production Accountant (22.6k points)
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......haHA.....maujaa hi maujaa......

answered by Production Accountant (26.1k points)

Yakeen nhi hota log krk tak ke bhi talwe chatte hai and uske chutiyappa ko enjoy karte hai!

hahahah.......so happy u r

....baadshah bro....krk beichara 70000 rs kharcha karke ek din ke dubai jake sabse pehle review deta hai....everyy time.....and he is right most of the time abt commercial movies.......aam aadmi ka critic.......haan maana ki thoda rough tweet karta hai.....bt our opinion is same all the time for big star movies.....so i follow him.....even as a token of appreciation i hv mentioned krkboxoffice in my bo source.....haHA......

yeah....he understands massy films....many of his predictions go right....but Tubelight i think thora different h KRK k taste sy so he can be wrong....but chances km hain