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Massive advance?
Who told you that.


what is the weekend advance?


I'm practical so my vote goes to NO. I think it will collect b/w 26-29 cr approx.

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Voted for Yes ..
Altough it's pre-eid but can't be an xcuse coz Baahubali-2 opened to an earth-shattering number on a normal day ..
so Salman is a huge star so it shd definitely open to 30cr ..

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Bhai normal day and pre-eid mein farq hai our baahubali 2 our tubelight mein bohat farqq hai. Wahaan suspense level bohat zyadah tha, our 23rd par bhi aam dinn hogga par bohat se muslim filmein nahi dekheinge, especially raaton mein


Din me bhi nhi dekhte jyadatar log...


@filmahn & @Tiger ..
Whn did i deny there is no pre-Eid effect ..
but lets not forget Salman is the biggest Star in bollywood ..
i'm damn sure if it wasn't pre-Eid i wud hv said 35cr & on holiday 40cr+...
More over i don't want it to open below 30cr so telling my wishes ...

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I guess it should open bigger then 30 crs..!!

And Pre Eid..?? Lol

It's nothing but an excuse if movie opens below expectations and a way to brag if movie opens more then expectations..!!

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Because it was day after eid, it was holiday in some parts..!!

But how does it proove that Pre eid exists, day after eid is holiday in parts so people come, but how is that related to pre eid..??


Lol... It was not day after eid...Eid was on Saturday... Bijli Chidiya bhai it is India not Pakistan to have 3-4 days holiday during Eid... Knowledge badhao bade bhai....


I didn't said full holiday, i said at few places, eid celebration goes on for few extra days, so it got a little bump, otherwise it would had collected around 24-25 crs

See tuesday, it collected 21 then 18 then 16 crs..!!
People came after eid does not means that people don't come before eid


bhai kounse states pe holidays the... Ye bhi bata do zara...

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Happy pre Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends...
Post Eid Mubarakbad will be given later to you all...

Coming to the post Advance is just decent till now hope it will pickup tomorrow to a excellent day 1 collection...

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25crs is not a big deal for Salman. But it will be less than 30cr .. Because of PRE EID. .. YES. PRE EID EXIST .

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Bro what the hell is Pre Eid. who doesnt watch movies in this so called "pre eid". of course tubelight should open to 30+. its kabir and salman back after bajrangi. that in itself is enough to make huge buzz and get people to theater

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hum to nasstik log hain............................


Handa sahab, sach batau toh missed u a lot in last couple of days..


humare pe koi bandish nahin hai we are lucky...........I believe in God firmly but I don't do daily rituals.


Ascha hai tu nhi karta... Jo log subah 4 baze uthke puja karte hai ya fir namaz padhte wo bhi koi gunah ngi karte mr Handa.

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Ill go with 28 -29 crores as for now.

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I'm optimistic....So voted for YES.

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ho gaya banthadhaar....................30 crore to aaj bhi nahin honge

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Highly Unlikely & that's disappointing considering Sallu's so called Stardom.

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In that case Dangal opening real value was 34-35 Cr as it is suffered due to cold weather, Demonatization (in single screens collection suffered) plus it also have Tamil/Telugu dubbed version Collection of 59 lakhs...


Har cheez mein Dangal/Aamir ko lana zaruri hai kya? Did even mention Dangal? Someone will bash our favourites but we can't even defend! Ajeeb namune hai Duniya me....Hahaha... Btw, this real value thing isn't my creation... See this http://web.archive.org/web/20150101172954/http://www.boxofficeindia.com/Details/art_detail/topopeningdays2014realvaluekicktops


Ya bro you stay happy with BOI post...



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Abhay pehlay ye btao konsi srk aur amir movie normal Friday pe 30cr pe open hui aaj tak? Pre eid toh chod hi do toh fir Tubelight ko 30 se nichay underperformer kyun bol rahay I am very hopefull it will take opening 27-30 cr range which on fair value will be 33-35cr by BOI so stop all your bakwaas and concentrate on jwm2 Jo k pitnay wali hai mini heart attacks denay k badh

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Voted for 50:50....

answered by Editor (88k points)
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Yes offcourse.... 30 cr +

answered by Executive Producer (65.5k points)
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Pre eid ......lol
Is salman khan stardom only based on muslims wich are a minority's

answered by Camera Operator (9.8k points)

Ajeeb logic lata hai! Chullu bhar paani me dub mar tu...


aur salbajaj haveli ka kya haal hai


Bhai tumhe haveli pe itni baar bulaya...tum aate hi nhi ho


Ek din zarur aayunga haveli ka address pm kar de