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asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (234k points)
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A good poster. I'm not a fan of Arjun Kapoor but with Anil Kapoor playing his uncle, I guess I'd be intrested in this film considering that they are related.

4 Answers

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Will watch fdfs for sure. Waiting for trailer tomorrow

answered by Unit Manager (30.4k points)
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Athiya seriously??
No hopes from the film now

answered by Casting Director (17.4k points)

Don't worry too much. I don't think she will have a substantial role nor will she get a lot of screen time. At least there's another heroine in this film who act circles around Athiya so that's a good thing.

Yess that would be gud

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Wasn't the trailer supposed to come out on 14th June? Anyways, good poster but athiya shetty........................................she is still getting movies?

answered by Cinematographer (92.5k points)

There could be a reason why she isn't getting any film offers. I figured that she isn't being accepted in the film industry which probably explains why many filmmakers don't see any star material in her. Her link up with Arjun Kapoor is more likely the reason why she was cast in this movie.

Sunil Shetty said she got the role due to her own merit. If this is was the case then why is she struggling to get film offers? I guess what said above explains everything.

Being by launched by Salman Khan is huge. Well, for anyone but it's unusual for a Starkid to struggle to get film offers especially after one film.

+1 vote

Disaster written all over it.

answered by Super-star (165k points)

I wouldn't even go too far by saying this. Aneez has only given one Disaster with Govinda so I don't think it will happen Mubarakan. More likely a Hit status at best.