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+4 votes
Indian team looks helpless in bowling and fielding. I doubt they will be able to even bat today as everybody is playing like they already gave up the match.

India gave up completely after thay no-ball in initial overs.
asked in Sports Related by Casting Director (19.8k points)
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bhai, ur zaban is absolutely KAALI.... Whatever u said that has been exactly happened... Plz Tubelight pe kuch bhi mat bolna... It's a request..

Lol, this is called analysis. India played to loose from beginning. Kisine effort nahi kiya. Throwed match away.

I couldn't even dreamt of such pathetic batting from India... U deserves claps for such analysis or prediction, whatever!

I remember the rock saying in 2016, mohenjo daro will be a disaster, hahhahahahahhaa, wahi hua.
The rock, kuch accha bol le bhai, hum agla wc jeetenge?

8 Answers

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Everything was going good just that no ball wicket completely turned the match in their favour
Now they will win it easily
Congratulations to Pakistan they performed when it mattered the most

answered by Casting Director (17.4k points)
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Bro 10-12 runs short way they were going...played well...still Pakistan have to work hard with bowl...Insha Allah Pakistan will win...lets see

+3 votes

Today Pakistan plays with a proper strategies & their players responded well to this...
It's good a deserving team who played better is now going to become the CT champion...

answered by Director (123k points)

@Deepak bhai b4 finals we were the best & most deserving but sadly yesterday wasn't our day .....

+1 vote

Isnt it too early to pass that statement? Its a flat pitch sir, wait for the match to finish and for India to bat as well.

answered by Cinematographer (92.5k points)

High pressure match, I don't think kohli or sharma could handle. Let's see how the team bats.

Bas bhai ho gaya?, both kohli and sharma went back to pavilion. Bhai kohli ye sab overrated players hai, good for nothing when it matters. Ab dhoni khelega deshna.

spoken too soon...........he has done it too often....................just one of those days..........heartbroken.

HAhahahahahahahahahhaha lo sab out.

+1 vote

hahaha....wait for it.its paki team.
IMO if they score big, our batsmen can easily chase around 325, even 350. wkt is flat, there is nothing for bowlers.

answered by Production Accountant (20.5k points)

making it watchable for pakis....

Why do you criticise all the time mate? Movies or cricket......I see you criticising all the time. Pak has batted well, but we have batting which can run a shiver down their spine too.

Yes bhai we are best on paper but aaj ground pe big 0 lag raha he. Hopefully they bat sensible.

lets see...

+1 vote

Yaar it's too early...so far Pakistan gas played well..Just pray for Pakistan win...stop being ur self overconfident

answered by Second Unit Director (70.3k points)

I am just cursing indian performance. I will never pray for pakistan to win hahahahahaha. Tu bhai pray karle ki India batting bhi ghatiya karle

Yaar Bas acha khele Pakistan...

339.... 10-12 runs short way they were going ...Insha Allah Pakistan will win

+1 vote

Terrible Bowling Performance By India. Yet, 340 Is An Easily Chaseable Total For The Mighty Batting Lineup.

answered by Production Accountant (25.2k points)

Virat, sharma and dhawan come in that?

100 run karle to bhi accha hai

+1 vote

So disappointed. Hope India wins from here

answered by Unit Manager (30.4k points)
0 votes

Hahahahaha I said it yesterday don't boast your team like hell and don't be overconfident and don't underestimate Pak team they can also win now Pak has won 7 finales out of 9 which pak and India faced while India won only 2 finale tilldate while 73 ODi are won by Pak while 52 are won by India Pak was little down from 2000-2016 but still stats and records are belong to Pakistan

answered by Casting Director (17.4k points)
edited by

I don't hate India I am just replying to their bad and silly statements baap baap hota hai father day etc

Kashyap man, a few users spread hatred. Tanveer is a good user and being indian or not has nothing to do with it. Its a movie forum and here all users talk of films and actors irrespective of country or religion.

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