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JHMS : SRK seems miscast. Ranbir/Ranveer would have been a better option. SRK is too old for this role. Views

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asked Jun 17 in General by God Father Production Accountant (20,867 points)
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Even I think the same. SRK won't be accepted in such roles. If SRK needs to survive he needs to do roles according to his age

answered Jun 17 by puneetshukla Cinematographer (99,664 points)
selected Jun 18 by God Father

Aamir played a student in 3 idiots. father in dangal......... So acc to age theory won't work for aamir

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Yep I agree. Srk now lacks charm and age which he had a few years ago. He needs to have a long hard look at the kind of stuff he has been doing.

answered Jun 17 by Intense Cinematographer (97,894 points)
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My views: I think the character being too old for his behaviour is the point. Anushka brings him back to his indian roots, that's what I think.

answered Jun 17 by mr.hola Unit Manager (30,734 points)
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Even they shouldn't be doing this kind of films....... If u want to compete with Hollywood, Dangal and Bahubali

answered Jun 17 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (71,925 points)

Competition is always with self. If movie is good genre and appeal matters less.

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I don't think so. If you watch the mini trailer close. It has many answers stored in it. Trust me SRK brings maturity and naughtiness. Just watch both actors couple of time you will be able to see that spark of chemestry which probably young guns would lack.

answered Jun 17 by sunil Production Designer (13,380 points)

I'm saying this after watching the teaser 3-4 times.

It's your opinion dude. Let's wait some time. Either my love over SRK Anuska couple is high or you made him old in reel life as old as he in real life.

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Maybe SRK is miscast according to you but with Ranbir or Ranvir we could have witnessed another Tamasha or Befikre.

answered Jun 17 by karan khan Director (131,972 points)

With srk too, we can witness a befikre, now srk can do anything on screen, he did for jthj, he can do it now as well in the name of passionate romance.

By Befikre and Tamasha I mean box office performance and not kissing.
BTW JTHJ was still Hit and it was 3hrs long boring film and JHMS is surely looking better then that.

Kaha tha, kar diya na SRK nen befikre!

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A 50 year old man cant be a player. WATCH ME only 25 years to go. jokes aside. thats his character. carefree 40 something year old just *** around. So are you telling me he doesnt look like a 40 something guy. YEAH sure....

answered Jun 17 by thekai100 Unit Manager (32,276 points)
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Have you seen the film. Reserve the judgement for 5th August. We will see he is a miscast or not. Ranbir or Ranveer kya ukhar leta.

answered Jun 18 by Greek God Executive Producer (68,996 points)

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