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I mean these trade guys or say distributors tweet lots of funny tweet regarding how wonderfull beautiful wow kind of scenes they saw in film during Distributors cut show..
Don't they know that Makers will show ONLY THE MAIN PARTS or the HIGHLIGHTED PARTS OF THE FILM?. why will makers show boring or silly scenes?

And when these trade guys sees those scenes then they go gaga over it tweeted blockbuster blockbuster blockbuster. Like happened with Dilwale and now with JHMS.
What's your take on this silliness of Distributors and trade walas on any Pre-release reports.
asked in Movie Discussions by Producer (101k points)
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Distributors are true businessmen. In the end they're the ones to quote the figure & buy the film.

You're forgetting the point that they're not amateurs. Some of them have been in business for decades & even have it as family business.

You show them few clips most of them will instantly figure out the fate of the film. It's only in the case of huge superstar's films they fumble or sometimes with smaller films which they over / under estimate. For example, Sardaar Gabbar Singh was sold even before film was shot. Infact they were still shooting song a week before the release & got the song censored by the cbfc separately. This doesn't happen often.

That's why I always say the best critic of any film "quality & business wise" are the distributors as well as theatre personnel (who've worked for decades), not the newbie's who work part time now.

+1 from my side.

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not as fan but as true cinema lover, according to me you can only trust the cinema of these 3 persons before release :
1. Aamir Khan
2. Christopher Nolan
3. Rajkumar Hirani.

IMO as far as Tubelight & JHMS are concerned both will be Above Average - to - Good products. Don't believe Pre-release reports. IMO we know BO better than many distributors, exhibitors & analysts.

answered by Production Accountant (20.5k points)
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Comparing Tubelight with JHMS shows how well you knw the BO .. p

u always have some problem. tell me where is comparison???seems like u haven't slept properly, i just said that both will be AA to good products, TL might b a good one while JHMS AA.