Logging in Errors

Why is dat i have to login everytime i open dis site, even after 5min? Please help

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asked Jun 17, 2017 in General by Salbajaj Camera Operator (8,904 points)
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Are you logging in through mobile?

One option is for you click "remember" which others have told.

If you're facing this problem when you login through mobile & you've save your username, password then just click on the option "show original" which appears below the page. Or just refresh the page.

Btw bhai, 9% is really low. You selecting best answer is the way other users get to earn points. Don't take away their right to earn points when they're answering on your posts.

Ok suhas bhai i will select answers in future

Anyways do let me know if you're still facing the problem, I'll escalate it to Zin. Or else you can only send Zin a pm.

Its working fine now....thanx

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At the time of login if it asks you to save the username & passwors you click yes as well as there is a tab on which it will be written like this..
remember me on this computer so click yes ..

answered Jun 17, 2017 by Irdwhelp Editor (81,379 points)
selected Jun 17, 2017 by Salbajaj

Thank u

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Bcos u have to say by posting a comment/Post/Message that "Aamir is Great"....
Otherwise....u will face this problem .....Its a virus...all our system/technical engineers are working on it....
But once u post this comment.....this issue goes away.....

answered Jun 17, 2017 by abbie Unit Manager (30,291 points)

Its really irritating to login again n again....earlier I nvr had such problem...i hv bookmarked dis site wid login password...help yaara
Thugs....cant wait. Yeh chalega? Haha

@abbie Sir kyun bache ki jaan lerahe ho ... Lol

Hahaha....tumhare abbie sir kya jaan lenge hamari...kabhi haveli pe aao tumhari zindagi me bhi jaan daal denge

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Remember ka option pe click Karo miyaan..hamesha yaad rakhta unhe.

answered Jun 17, 2017 by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,802 points)

Ok bhai

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