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No China Story Yet Despite Dangal Records

Thursday 15 June 2017 11.30 IST

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Dangal has rocked the box office in China as it looks like finishing at around $190 million which is over 1200 crore but this does not mean much to Hindi cinema or Indian cinema and does not alter the International picture for Indian films. The success could be huge for Aamir Khan as it may turn out that he could be the first mainstream India star to crossover, it may not be the States but China is the next biggest market. This only time will tell, a genuine crossover is when someones films are competing with local films of that market and that has happened with Dangal.

The mega success of Dangal for the industry as a whole is pretty irrelevant due to the way that market works.  Basically its not a free market like most in the world and every Hindi or Indian film cannot release there. There is a quota system which allows a certain amount of foreign films a year and that number is 39 at present and out of this 39, India will get a maximum of four films when close to 1000 are made every year. Normally if such extra business comes, like that of Dangal in China, it should allow the budgets to go higher which helps the industry but no such thing can happen here as you can't even be sure of a release in China. Aamir Khan has a 1200 crore grosser Dangal in China but its still hard to add 20 odd crore to the budgets of Thugs Of Hindustan or Secret Superstar to make them bigger as you can't be sure of that recovery from China..

There is now talk of Bahubali 2 and Tubelight due to a Chinese star being in the film doing huge business in China but this is all hearsay. Tubelight is said to have the backdrop of the 1962 India China war but this war never happened as far as the Chinese are concerned so there is already a release issue for a film which is a potential blockbuster in India. 

There could be some potential in the future but for that the market would have to open up and its not about one Dangal doing mega business but getting a good number of films in any Indian language to release there and these films doing the business worthy of a release there. This will actually add to the Overseas pie for Indian films. 

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"Tubelight is said to have the backdrop of the 1962 India China war but this war never happened as far as the Chinese are concerned"..... This sentence clearly indicates that Tubelight will never release in China. #Highly Dissapointed!

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ubelight is said to have the backdrop of the 1962 India China war but this war never happened as far as the Chinese are concerned. that is the biggest problem for tubelight in china

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1962 war never happened according to chinese
Kaun hai ye log kaha se aate hai ye log

answered by Assistant Director (52.1k points)

Suhas: bro if this is India's defeat then why Chinese not acknowledging it as some success??


Yess exactly as written in the article
1962 war never happend acc to chinese
Why will they not acknowledge a win


Because it was not a "war" which China declared.

In 1955, China boldly started building a road (roughly N-S) across Aksai Chin and they completed the road construction by 1958. As Nehru was on a grand “Non-Alliance” movement, “Panch-Sheel” and “Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai” mode, Chou En-lai was confident that Nehru could be persuaded to accept it. Having constructed the road, the Chinese then stationed troops to protect it.

During this period, Chinese official maps were showing not only Aksai Chin (39,000 sq kms) but also the entire NEFA (83,000 sq kms) as parts of China. When India took this matter up, China just brushed aside by saying that these maps were from the old regime and they had not yet updated them!

Chinese meanwhile were willing to negotiate provided they keep the area under their control (that is, Aksai Chin) and India keeps the area under its control (that is, NEFA) with minor boundary adjustments. As this was not acceptable to India, it thought of a “Forward Policy” where Indian army was asked to establish army outposts all along the Chinese claim line and in some places inside Chinese claimed territory.

But with no other option & also not enough preparations, Indian army was ordered to retaliate. China was strong. Before that, in 1959 there was an internal rebellion against China in Tibet led by Dalai Lama. This was crushed by China and Dalai Lama had to escape to India in disguise via the Tawang tract. China demanded that India return Dalai Lama to them, but India refused.

While China maintained upperhand furing all these incidents before the war itself, the end result was no different.

Post war, China was condemned globally for the policy put forward, despite it's attempt to prove itself as not guilty of fighting the war. But other nations blamed China was fighting the war just to prove it's dominance. To reduce this blame game, China stopped giving this war any more importance whereas India for obvious reasons had to keep the talks about this war in check.


thnx for the info......

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Tou Worldwide Rights tou bohot mehenga becha hai iska China ka clctn sochke

answered by Casting Director (19.9k points)

Not at all. They've sold it to YRF for around 45-50cr excluding China.

And they don't need to China to recover the amount. PRDP itself did close to 100cr while BB & Sultan easily much bigger though falling short of 200cr gross overseas.

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