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Q.17 Hi,when will your filmograhies be updated, and please tell who has the best success ratio?Thanks

A. It will take around six months to get it all complete.
As for success ratio its Dilip Kumar with about 65% films succeeding and around 40% being outright hits(A1 or better). He also has more superhits(AA or better) than anybody else, its mainly because he has only done 57 films since 1944.

《Dilip Kumar had Most super hits or better, best success ratio of 65% and Hit ratio of around 40% (exact 42%) When this was answered.

At present Srk has best success ratio of around 66%. (40 success in 60 movies)

Best hit ratio belongs to Srk (27/60 hits) and Aamir (18/40 hits) of 45%

Best Blockbuster (22%) and All time Blockbuster (12%) ratio belongs to Aamir (9 Blockbusters out of 40, 5 atbb out of 40)

Most super hits or better belongs to Salman (19)》
Source Link: Old BOI
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afterall Legend is Legend
n SRK ki 60 films??? haha....khush raho bhai


Boi nei diya hai 60 films bhai check kar lena


BOI to pagal hai....Hey Ram bhi dali hoe hai.....SRK ka cameo tha us mein

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The first superstar of Indian cinema, also held the record of not giving a flop for 15 years or so. The best actor this country has seen. Brillant success ratio.

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Slight correction there
Actually dilip sahab didnt give an outright flop for 15 years (below average is considered unsuccessful by BOI but not considered outright flop)
Like Aamir's art film dhobi ghat was unsuccessful (below avg) in 2011 but he hasnt delivered an outright flop for 12 years (last was MP in 2005)

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Aamir has only upper hand in Total ATBB, else in every verdict category he lags behind.

Salman has 10 BLOCKBUSTERS, 3 ATBB, 6 SUPER HIT & 8 HIT, total 27 HITs, same as SRK's 27 HITs, maximum among stars debut from 1988.

Aamir has only 16 HITs out of 40 Films

ATBB = 6
BB = 2
Super Hit = 4
Hit = 4

When did he gave 9 BLOCKBUSTERS

When does RATIO decides Biggest STAR.... BIG B has done more than 140 films, his HITs in total will be around 32-33, may be 1 or 2 more (when final updates done), so that gives a very poor HIT RATIO ?? Is he less Bigger star?

You prove your talent by doing more films, doing less films in years don't give that star status, that's y despite having 5 ATGs, Aamir is no where considered No.1.

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