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asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (250k points)
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The Megastar has re-occupied his original position...!

answered by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
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i dont really understand or believe this thing.......... i mean i can easily believe this ormax thing... because it's put salman khan on number 1 for may be 100 weeks now or close to it.....

but they put akshay kumar ahead of salman khan as number 1 few weeks months back ... i mean.... can't be more ridiculous than this...... i mean how can akshay be bigger than srk , aamir khan let alone.... salman khan.

answered by Star (149k points)
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So Salman again on top no surprise as Tubelight release is near & he may remain on top as even TZH too will be releasing in the end of the year ..

answered by Editor (80.6k points)
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He was,is and will be that no.1 akki,srk,aamir will come and go but Salman is permanent on Ormax he is true blue Megastar, here I will agree with nova mahn that how can akki be bigger than Aamir ,srk ? Just coz of Punjab ? It is too funny on ormax how can they place any star on the top on the basis of just one territory or two? Actually by putting akki ahead of Salman,aamir and srk they are making fun of themselves

answered by Production Accountant (22.7k points)

Rajat he is placed in the ormax list isnt it? Your views dont, the country's views matter, fyi, he is the only guy who hss challenged the khans in terms of openers too.


@Intense, @Rajat's question is valid as Aamir even after giving an ATB & ATG & ww biggest grosser with Dangal is still @ no.5 where as Hrithik with a semi hit Kaabil is ahead of him @ no.4 it means in popularity Hrithik > Aamir ..


Bro, he wont reply now. Good point.


Time & Again I Have Said Ormax Methodology Is Completely Ridiculous, They Ask Some Random Street People From A Few Cities & Draw The Conclusion. You Just Don't Find Ace-Fanatics Roaming Around Here & There On Streets. Sometimes They Even Do Telephonic Interviews. Ludicrous, Ain't It? As If Boxoffice Figures Doesn't Provide The Clear Picture.

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I never quite understood how ormax works. Ranking should be purely on the basis of popularity where salman has to be no 1. What has akshay done to be at no2 and ahead of aamir?

answered by Producer (109k points)