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+11 votes
asked in Music by Location Manager (5.5k points)
89% Accept Rate

Loved the bhaihood. It's always fun to see them both when Sohail isn't limited to over the top comedy.

Simple song & it works. Yet another song that requires multiple hearing but the way it's shot wins you over the first time.

tubelight's excitement is so low...... that even after 6 hours + 10 upvotes....6 answers ...... baad bhe they've not stick this question on top of the main payj.

7 Answers

+5 votes
Best answer

Beautifully shows the brotherly bond

answered by Unit Manager (36.2k points)
selected by
+6 votes

Video is very Good . Chemistry between Salman and Sohail is rocking. Won't comment on Audio till I listen more of it . Anyways feel good song. 3.5/5

answered by Cinematographer (99.5k points)

Sohail-Salman are having solid bhaihood..... love the way with ease they act.....

Dance steps are also refreshing...... song will grow on after repeat listening.

+6 votes

This one song is enough to make it a bb

Their bond is very evident there! I will watch this my own brother who is my hero

answered by Production Accountant (20.9k points)
+5 votes

Good visuals. Different and situational song again as the film demands. The highlight of the song is the brotherly bonding, a bigger suprise is sohail under playing it and not going over the top. 3.5/5 for the song.

answered by Cinematographer (96.3k points)
+2 votes

mahn it pisses me off.... that all almost all the great movies of salman khan flop at boxoffice........... such a great great song..... not a chartbuster but a great great great song...... audio .... i m telling the truth........ brum brum ki kasam.......... this song im gonna put on repeat... and just let it be..... such a soothing music and lyrics it has......such a feel good song....... you just listen to it.... focus on lyrics and you can't keep your face straight...... you'll be smiling ...throughout the song..... its such a feel good song.....

too bad song wont help tubelight gain any publicity or buzz........

its again just beautiful song..... situational..... one.

answered by Star (140k points)
+1 vote

Aamir didn't have dance song in Dangal.......... See the result

answered by Second Unit Director (71.8k points)

Oh yes ....

Ird bro, sabse bada lord to rajat hai, kashyap to phir bhi achha banda hai

Rajat may overtake Lord of all times ...
The Lord Blanka ...

Rajat will become "Lord Caps Lock"

0 votes

On the lines of radio song....strictly average.
Trailer was good though.

answered by Camera Operator (8.8k points)

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