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According to trade people China has four movies quota for India and Dangal is one of them and remaining three movie will be Tubelight, bhahubhali 2 and either Tiger or Raula. So get ready to witness another storm at the china box office after historic run of dangal. Now predict fourth movie for China release apart from Tubelight and bhahubhali 2 .As far as my gut feel is concerned Tiger Zinda Hai will be the fourth movie to complete the quota of four movies for China coz yrf have professional relations across the globe and definitely they will make Tiger to roar at China box office now share your opinions over fourth movie for China
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both tubelight and tzh may not get a release date....for china......... because...china does't let a movie release there if it has a political aspect shown in it..... both tubelight and tzh have politics as backdrop.

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I think Tiger's release there is highly dependent on Tubelight being big there.

by Assistant Director (44.2k points)
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Well, Secret Superstar's Gonna Have A Simultaneous Release In China. So 2 Out Of Those 4 Already Belongs To Aamir. Rest 2 Doesn't Matter Anyway.

by Production Accountant (26.7k points)

Secret won't release in China don't even dream it mahn secret is a too small in front of Tiger and raula to get China release


Secret Superstar Has A Much Bigger Face Value In Form Of Aamir Khan Compared To Tiger Or Raula Or Rehnuma Or Whatever.


haha face value..... idiot......

it doesn't work like that .... movies in china bus wohi release hoti hain........ which producers submit...and they like..... whichever movie they like...gets a release date...out of the quota...alloted movies.....

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