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And don't you agree if Krrish released on Eid 2012 it would have broken 3 Idiots record by margin and overtaken its footfalls,It came at the start of Multiplex Era while business was huge in 2012,Despite record opening ETT failed to cross 3 Idiots which was eventually crossed by Chennai Express without any open weeks.

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Y this suhas is so biased towards Bazigar ? He dznt deserve to be mods he should resign from mods duty coz he is so much biased I even very much surprise is he really a Salman fan?


Bro suhas is the most loyal salman fan of all times, ab bhaisaab isnt abusing anyone, so I guess his posts are allowed.

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Don't think so Ek Tha Tiger had much bigger Hype when compared to Krish. in 2006, Opening was Krish was similar to that of Fanaa. Dhoom2 had much higher Opening so Dhoom2 hype can be said to have more then ETT but not Krish.

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Bhai That Time every big movie had huge Opening​ due to less screens. In 2005 lot of movies opened 90% range . So we can't compare those movies with those of today's time unless they created havoc at that time like K3G OSO Ghajini


Well Dhoom2 had huge buzz at that time..So if released on same date as ETT it could have had similar or even better Opening.

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Actually Tukka paazi's "I Love New Year" had the GREATEST buzz ever....ETT, Dhoom3, Sultan etc ka buzz toh kuch bhi nhi iske samne..

by Unit Manager (36.9k points)

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