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meanwhile saif and hashmi are almost retired now


Bhaisaab ...Hashmi Sahab ka comeback hoga na woh tareeq ke golden alfaazon mein likha jaayega

8 Answers

+3 votes

Shah Rukh Khan.

He might hit jackpot with dwarf film.

by Location Manager (7.4k points)

yaar kitna ajeeb lagta ke hum dono Hindustani superstars pe fight karte hain....tumhare superstars kahan hai.........he he he ..................


Hahahahaha sabka baap Salman khan hi mera superstar hai tau g


@bazigarh, abe budhao thodi derr pehle tak toh Salman Khan ki Hindustani screen name se tujhe bahut problem thi... Ab achanak Salman ko Hindustani superstar bol raha... Tu chameleon hai kya jo baar baar colour change karta rehta hain?


He is the most insecure creature of God on earth actually he is helpless else he would have killed Salman khan way earlier he can't bear/tolerate the name Salman Khan in every record book of trade and BOI that's y every day he brings fabricated,hand made, manipulated facts and records to devalue and degrade Salman khan and his dominance in 90s and in current decade

+2 votes

Hrithik is superstar? Once he was not anymore if you think hrithik is a superstar then next will be either Srk or varun

by Production Accountant (24.4k points)

Are yaar fakeer ameer ho gaya to apni aukaat bhool gaya 20 saal to khairat hi mil rahi thi


upar post khol aukaat dikh jaayegi............................SRK to 15 saal maari aur overseas mein 20 saal,sallu to 2015 mein aage hua lekin PRDP Dilwale ko beat nahin kar paayi.agar solo hoti to 450 crore karti


Aisi hand made fabricated manipulated figures wali post toh tu 10970 se post krta araha abb umar ho gyi Teri in 90s salman was the ultimate srk was ahead only in 2000-20008 else salman is a clear winner

+2 votes

Ranbir, Varun, Ranveer etc koi bhi ho sakta hain next superstar but Tukka Paazi and Yrf-dharma boy ki koi chance nahin hain.

by Unit Manager (36.9k points)
+1 vote

Ranbir will be after Dutt and Dragon

by Assistant Director (44.2k points)
+1 vote

Eternal morons saying SRK is not a superstar, these people should be strapped to a chair and forced to watch Salman Khan's speech at TED TALKS..!!

by Mega Star (208k points)

And u need to read interviews of srk in 90s in which he clearly mentioned Salman is a bigger superstar after amitabh actually he said it many countless times but you hater always been underestimating and undermining the achievements and dominance of Salman khan in 90s and in current decade


1.) I don't hate Salman, so what if i troll him sometimes, i even troll srk few times, does that makes me srk hater..??

2.) you gave a useless answer, and you too know it..!!

0 votes


by Director (127k points)
–1 vote

Hrithik is a superstar ? I didn't know he has 5 ATBB..... I didn't know his last film collected 300cr ..... I didn't know mohenjo daro collected 400cr domestic...... I didn't know bang bang opened 300cr club ...... I didn't know his last 3 films were blockbuster ..... I didn't know mohenjo daro defeated rustom ...I didn't know kaabil defeated raees .....because if you think hrithik is a superstar ... I'm trying to find out ...... I didn't know he opened 100cr club .... I didn't know he opened 200cr club .... I didn't know he opened 300cr club...... I didn't know he opened 400cr club

by Production Accountant (23.1k points)

@Tyler Durden yes Hrithik is a superstar in way back from 2006 itself ..
after the b2b success of Krrish & Dhoom-2 ...


Tyler durden, you dont need to open 300cr clubs to be a superstar. akshay has never done 200cr, yet he is a superstar.

–3 votes

Wait? What? Hrithik? Superstar? Hell No.
Any Movie Star Will Have Three Phases Or Rather Status In His Professional Life
1. Star. 2. Superstar. 3. Megastar.
Talking About Khans, Aamir Became Overnight Sensation With QSQT. With Rangeela & Raja Hindustani, He Affirmed His Superstar Status. With Ghajini & 3 idiots, He Has Achieved The Megastar Status. The Only One We Have. He Further Affirmed The Megastar Status With The Famous ATG Streak. Shahrukh Became A Star With Baazigar & Moved Into The Superstar League With Karan Arjun & Dilwale. He Has Been Steady Since Then. No Upgradation. Salman, Too, Became An Overnight Star With Maine Pyaar Kiya. Although He Didn't Get Any Film Offer Post That Film. He Had A Rough Patch In Between & Moved Into The Superstar League With Dabangg. He Also Has Been Steady Since Then. Hrithik, On The Other Hand, Has Remained In The Star League Only. I See Ranbir & Ranveer Having Potential To Be The Next Superstar, But If They Don't Do Well Enough...Salman Will Possibly Remain The Last Of The Superstar.

by Production Accountant (26.7k points)

How Painful Was It To Type Like This????? Are You a Human? Or a Programmed Robot? Its Pretty Painful To Read A Paragraph Typed Like This. Lord Caps Lock They Said, Well Said.

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