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He acts like kids while doing commentary. instead of doing constructive Commentary his main aim to be funny but he isn't .He should know the fact that he is doing professional Commentary not sitting at home and speaking rubbish. I hope he gets banned from commentary

P.S- I was  huge fan of Sehwag batting and his approach to game
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Usne galat kya kaha hai? Pakistan beta he to hai apna

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He is a twitter troll, despite being one of my favourite players ever, i don't like his commentary and excessive stuff on twitter, at first he was alright, but as time passed he become irritating, and his coaching was bizzare, plus him blaming everything on maxwell was pathetic just like his decision to include sir ishant sharma in team..!!

answered by Mega Star (203k points)
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Maxwell ki performance is saal best thi in IPL. Sehwag is a True Bhakt. He will never blame domestic country players and would take jibe at Foreigners


Yes, maxwell played bit fast but it's his natural game plus he is like sehwag, blaming him is like blaming sehwag in his playing day, every team must have someone like them..!!


It was outright dumb of viru to blame maxwell. His performance was good, good india ka coach nahi hai ye aadmi....or else disaster.

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Hes funny at some times but most of the Hindi commentators are pure shit.

Akash chopra is like the biggest idiot.

My fav is sunny G for hindi and Shastri for English commentary

answered by Production Accountant (20.9k points)
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He is irritating as a commentator. I enjoy lakhsman though. My fav though is ganguly. Very precise and articulate.

answered by Producer (109k points)
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I'm huge fan of Sehwag - the cricketer.... But a big hater of Sehwag - the commentator.... His social media chutiyappa also doesn't suit his stature..

answered by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
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pakistan ke against bolta hai isliye.........................


Na... Commentary Ko chod kar Bali sab karta hai isiliye.

Jo muh pe aaye, usko bolnewale Ko commentator nahi kehte. He should understand that. Few banters here and there is totally fine. But make it the main content of his commentary is useless.


@bazigarh, Haan bilkul sahi pakda hai tune.... Main nhi chahta ki Sehwag jaiso ke wajah se hamare Modiji ka Pakistan jana band ho jaye and unko tasty Biryani khane ka mouka gawana pade ... Pakistani biryani ki jai

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