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+1 vote
Who will get the superstar tag from these young actors and please let us know the reason as well?
Ranbir Kapoor (5 votes, 33%)
Ranveer Singh (2 votes, 13%)
Shahid Kapoor (0 votes)
Varun Dhawan (6 votes, 40%)
Sushant Singh Rajput (2 votes, 13%)
in General by Production Accountant (22k points)
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Among them i only see Ranbir Kapoor. He's a mixture of aamir, Shah Rukh + Saif. Though he will never become a mass hero.

5 Answers

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Best answer

Varun dhawan Ranbir kapoor and Ranveer singh all 3 can be superstars.

Varun dhawan has best chances he can be the biggest superstar of his time bcz he has good command over masses, kids love him.

Ranbir is the best and most dedicated actor among younger generation At present he has most fan following among young stars specially among youngsters though thats mostly among city audience.

Ranveer singh chances to be a superstar depends upon how he performs with others apart from bansali as till now as per BOI he doesnt has any clean hit apart from bansali directed movies.

Im shocked to see shahid kapoor in the list.

Sushant has potential but i fear he is wasting it like shahid.

I wont be suprised if tiger shroff becomes a top star as well.

Arjun can still make a comeback if mubaraka does well.

As for Sidhart things looks tough for him from here onwards.

by Unit Manager (36.3k points)
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+2 votes

Shahid Kapoor still in the list

by Assistant Director (47.9k points)
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+1 vote


it's funny that around 9 people minimum thinks that one of these jokers will go on to become a superstar

And even funnier is that some 2-3 people declare that one of them is already a superstar

by Mega Star (211k points)

Shuklaji has already said ranbir is a superstar. Hr ki 2 movies ki opening nahi hui isi liye rk is bigger


I never said RK is bigger than Hrithik . I just Ranbir is a Superstar

0 votes

Why is Ranbir Kapoor here ?. he is already a Superstar

by Producer (103k points)
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puneet: if Ranbir finds abt u, he will invite u to his house, will even play FIFA with u r the only one in the World who calls him a superstar


No everyone used to call him Superstar after Barfi YJHD Besharam Opening .Just because his one movie didn't open well and one didn't open due to expectations doesn't mean Superstar tag would be snatched from him . After DDLJ 3-4 movies Of SRK didn't open well and we're flop so that means he wasn't Superstar and same with Salman Aamir. Even Hrithik had rough patch After Huge Opening of MK for 2 years . Dutt will Release and he will again re-establish himself as Superstar


Puneet sirf ek mjo ko kyun pakad kar baitha hai? The promos were dead from day1. Put salman, srk, kisi ko bhi result dead tha from 1st day. Appealing is subjective. Subject appealing tha. Promos and excitement nahi tha.

Hr has hits and hgoty behind him. An atg too in 2006. Rk is a wannabe........dutt ke saath he can be star....never superstar.

Salman ki movies mid 2000s men first day pe pit jati Did shahid and rk get bigger than him? He was a megastar and so he remained.

@baadhshah, rofl.


Haan Bhai woh Bol rha main bhi. Kuch movies ki opening ni lagne se kisi Ka Superstar status hat ni jaata. Ranbir ki bhi bas BV ki Opening ni lagi . Tamasha did well on its opening day for its genre and Ranbir coming after 3 back to back flop

0 votes

None will become superstar

by Assistant Director (42.2k points)
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