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Here some breaking news! It seems Akshay Kumar has a sudden affinity for subjects inspired by real-life incidents, especially rescue dramas.  AfterAirlift, where he played Ranjit Katyal, a Kuwait-based businessman who evacuated Indians based in Kuwait during the Gulf War, the actor is now all set to play a rescue hero again, we’ve come to know.

Kumar has bought the rights to the 1989 Raniganj Coalfield rescue mission, where 64 miners were trapped in a coal mine hundreds of feet underground, and were rescued through a large borehole drilled from the surface.   

A rescue capsule was forged out of iron and steel and the miners were hauled to safety, one by one, by a makeshift pulley. The hero of the rescue operation was J S Gill, Additional Chief Mining Engineer, who risked his own life and went down the borehole in the capsule and organised the evacuation of the miners.

No guesses who Akshay Kumar will be playing!

HINDUSTAN KA DESHBHAKT HERO and some say that he is acting as a nationalist
in Movies by All Time best! (284k points)
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Even Sunny did a lot of patriot movies but never blew his trumpet but this guy (Akshay) is over doing it. I agree with Intense; he has made a business out of it. #Sad

2 Answers

+4 votes

Kitne naatak karega ye, man this akshay will hijack all media and news come august. I like this about the khans, they dont blow their trumpet ki hum kitne deshbhakt hain, this man has made a business out of it.

by Director (135k points)

Irony that he is not even ann indian citizen.


Yep. As i said he will make life tough for srk....he will shed tears and dig toilets.....personally too I want srk to win this clash handsomely..


srk should avoid clash.
otherwise bhakt brigade will put him down.

+1 vote

Guess ? Hmm... I think he will play one of the miners ....

by Director (123k points)

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