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Filmmaker : It's not that our scripts are not strong but we are struggling with the infrastructure. Market for cinema is small. Youngsters are immensely talented but they are introvert and find it difficult to market their films

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Itz true....Assamese films have lost there pride....good actors like Jatin Bora or Rabi Sharma r rarely do films now....Ramdhenu was the last superhit film (though it was very bad)....The last Assamese film i watched (except Raamdhenu) is 'Jibon bator logori'...hv 2 say the film was superb bt then rarely i heard about gud Assamese films....Nw in Assam,Hollywood films gross more den Assamese films,hardly u can find 1 release in a month..recently release film 'Suryasta' also couldnt do well....so i think nw the film industry should move on,& try 2 mak films like bollywood...hv 2 add some masala in the film..action is imprtnt which is very rare even in a action film....i hope the industry move on,& stop making dat same kinda 'bihu' films!!

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Whatever You said is the common problem in most of regional film industry

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I Have Watched Many Assamese Films This Year..... But, The Quality Of Our Films Is Decreasing Day By Day..... The Last Hit Film Was 'Bakor Putek'..... I Really Enjoyed That Movie..... Hope Our Film Industry Will Make Good And Sensible Assamese Films In Future Like Before......

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