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SRK was not the lead in deewana. It was rishi. Srk was not the lead in darr it was sunny. It just so happened that srk stole the limelight due to his performances.

On the other hand. Sanjay was clearly the lead in saajan. Sunny in jeet. HSSH posters k ilava salman tha??  Go watch the movie again. HDDS lead aish. Salman and ajay supporting roles. Biwi lead karishma supporting roles salman anil tabu. Aur jo ulu k pathe baghban ka naam lete hain wo toh doob k hi Mar jaen
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That's funny. Saajan gave them equal screen time. Saajan introduces both Sanjay & Salman characters together. It is a proper triangle love story till the end. The screenplay speaks otherwise to your claims. But yes, Sanjay was the bigger star there.

Sunny in Jeet is pretty much accurate. But Salman's role is not an ordinary one. It's his fight, Sunny's characters support in the second half. Not just Karishma's character that acts as a catalyst, it was Salman's which has a strong purpose & ergo gives Sunny a purpose even though the film tried to be the 90s Muqaddar Ka Sikandar.

Hum Saath Saath Hain will always be a Salman Khan film. Like you said, he was the only superstar in the film. And despite all other actors, it was him being part of the film which mattered the most. Do you call Akshay Kumar a supporting actor in Ek Rishtaa?

HDDCS is something you just want to say to provoke Salman fans. He was not the lead. Not a supporting actor for sure. Much of the first half belongs to him & not just Ash.

Lastly, Biwi No.1.... I don't think Ramesh Aravind & Kamal Haasan were in supporting characters. Bollywood obviously didn't have the courage to make a loyal remake instead they added enough stuff to cater to Salman's stardom. It wasn't Karishma but Anil Kapoor who impressed but again it was evident his market was declining & only Salman's name pushed the film initially. Karishma has never pulled a film all by herself (box office wise).


thekai: i always find them using Baghban as Salman film too funny


Fun fact (shared multiple times before).

Original film had the legend Sivaji Ganesan (played a police officer) & in the"inspired/borrowed" version Salman Khan played his role. It was as short as Sivaji's but instead of scenes, Salman got himself a love duet.

In the Kannada remake, Challenging Star Darshan played that role. But this one was pretty much cut & paste of Baghban even though Baghban itself was inspired by the 1958 Kannada film School Master which again was remade in Hindi too as well as Tamil & Telugu.


thnx bhai.... .....inshort, originality is jst a fancy word....remakes n remakes n remakes

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Hmm.... baat mai to dum hai.

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If Salman was in supporting roles in Saajan, HSSH, Biwi No.1, HDDCS etc.... Fir lead pe koun tha? 3.7 billion fans wala giga ishtar srk lead actor tha kya???

Saajan had parallel lead Salman and Sanju...Yes HSSH was a multistarrers but Salman was the driving force (just like srk in HNY)... Biwi No.1 was all about Salman's extra martial affairs (like srk had in real life with PC), his relationship with his wife and family..... Should I even talk about HDDCS? Jitna DDLJ, DPH srk ka movies h usse jyada Biwi No.1 and HDDCS Salman ka films hain...!

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Thekai ko idiot ktu bol raha hai?

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If salman had supporting roles in haphk,sajan,hddcs,hash,biwi no.1 and partner then what was role of srk in deewana,darr,khkn,ka,dtph,kkhh,ddlj,perdes,yes boss,kkkg,mohabatein,khnh,paheli,mhn,cdi,oso,jthj,CX,hny best movie ever,dilliwale etc srk was clearly in supporting role in the story

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Salman by just acting as Supporting role has built his whole career =))


Salman = 3
Srk = 2


Salman = 10
SRK = 8

100 Cr Films

Salman = 10
Srk = 7

200 Cr Films

Salman = 3
Srk = 1

300 Cr Films

Salman = 2
Srk = Chu. puchh bhi kaise raha hai, 404 Not Found

Jiska Career MAIN LEAD karke bhi aise records laaye, laanat hai bhai aise star pe

by Location Manager (7.4k points)
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I can't find Shahrukh in Maine PYAR KIYA and Hum Aapke Hain Koun or Bajrangi Bhaijaan

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Bade dukh ki baat hai............................

by All Time best! (283k points)

Bhaisaab . Kuch aur bhi boliye na ..aapko zyaada maloom hoga .. 90s ke baare mein.


naaa.....Baazigar bhai lost some interest during nineties....its jst during 50s n 60s that Baazigar bhai enjoyed Indian cinema.....theater veiwing at that time was jst on another level....n even 70s he enjoyed to an extent.....80s ka to pocho he matt.....90s is what he finds crap too except Sunny Deol films


mere uncle ne tujhe bataya hai mere baare...................

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