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Priyanka Chopra just revealed her most comfortable clothing and it's a leather jacket that belonged to one of her ex-boyfriends. The actress appeared on the talk-show Dirty Laundry with Laura Brown and brought a bunch of her favourite things to show to her fans. While showing the jacket to Brown, Chopra revealed that she was a bit sceptical about bringing the jacket on the show but then decided to go for it.
Showing off the brown leather jacket with a hood, Chopra said, "This is a jacket that I literally live in. It’s my airport jacket but it belonged to an ex-boyfriend. It stopped being his after it stayed back in my house one day and I wore it," When the host asked if she could smell him in the fabric, Chopra quipped, "Oh thank god no, now it only smells of me."
When asked if her ex-boyfriend ever asked for the jacket back, the actress said, “He asked for it and I said ‘no’. That’s what happens in a relationship. Sorry!"
Interestingly, after the interview buzz is strong on social media that the ex, Chopra was talking about is none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Pictures of the Khan wearing a similar jacket have surfaced online, fuelling the rumour mill.

The curious case of PC's jacket has certainly brought back one of Bollywood most talked about secret romances.
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Jab Aish ne Salman ke khilaf kuch boli thi toh Patthar ki Lakeer ban gayi thi Aish ki baatein saare lunatics ke liye..... Ab wohi lunatics PC ko gaali de rahe hain har taraf... #BLOODY HYPOCRITES!

10 Answers

0 votes
Best answer

Kya fark parta hai.................

by Executive Producer (65k points)
selected by

Biwi hai, zawan beti hai..... Fir fark kyu nhi padta?

+4 votes

Wah suhas yeh post toh aag laga dega

by Assistant Director (41.4k points)
+4 votes

It is not DID, it is YES, She revealed it =))

by Location Manager (7.4k points)
+4 votes

Well it happens, when you get a role in Hollywood's B movie among some popular stars and your pr hypes you as queen of the world and you starts to act like one, and then the said movie TANKS at the BO........... It happens..!!

Besides, i just got to know that only SRK has even wore a brown leather jacket..!!

by Mega Star (214k points)

loved ur answer...jst loved it

+3 votes

Yep had seen this and funny part is srk wears this kind of leather jacket too. But then who could have resisted a woman like pc?

by Star (143k points)
+3 votes

The biggest superstar in the world.
2nd richest actor on planet.
Net worth more than $650 million.
So it's pretty common. Woman's, Girls are always to desperate to link their name to such kind of "Aristocrats" like Shah Rukh Khan.
Priyanka is also woman. She also has fantasy about Srks Royal Life..

by Assistant Director (43.6k points)

Hey, What sensible and non sensible ?

Can you please differentiate ? Kya samazte ho kya apne aap ko ? Ha. Srk Ki har ek lady ke sath achchi chemistry bani bollywood mein. Toh tu har kisike sath Srk ka nam jodega. Jab Srk kajol popularity ke peak par thein tab bhi media unke bare mein aisi bolati thi..

Waise toh meine apni khud ka answer dala hain., khud muh uthake aaye ho yaha par gyan batne. Bore mat kar.


Tujhse to zyaada hi gyaan hai, what a dumb guy, srk and kajol ke time pe aise rumours nahi the, kajol was married by 1999, for thr first time in 2011, srk has had such rumours,

Mms ki baat karte ho? Did amitabh and rekha had any evidence? Did raj and nargis have any evidence? Kuch baatein pata hoti hain bhaisaab.


What the f@ck wrong with you Mr. ?
I had my answer for this.
Who the hell invited you to comment below my post ?
Ha. Muzse jyada gyan hain? Abe ye amitabh,Rekha,srk,priyanka personal life mein kya karte hain yeah jankar muze kya aachar dalna hain kya ?

Read my answer I have my opinion about this money, fame, girls, fantasy who the hell have invited you teach me about this?

How this media, infotainment works, I know very well. I have had many interactions with journalists and writers . Don't teach me about practical work?

Calling me dumb ? Piece of shit don't ever comment below my answer or post here onwards.

Poora Mood kharab kar diya.


Lol, interaction with journalists, tabhi hny ko best film ever bola tha
Phir palat gya uske baad. Simple fact hai srkians thing srk is a sanskari role model who cant do anything wrong. Fact is.......he had and still having loads of fun behind the scenes

+3 votes

Karan will be so pissed at this news! The jacket should have totally been his

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)

Rofl!!!!!! , bhai kya pata dono taraph game chal rahi ho.


Ha maze toh apna srk le raha hai bhai

+1 vote

BGrade Hollywood actress - BOI

by Super-star (172k points)
+1 vote

Priyanka has become feminist now a days after being dumped by srk.

by Production Accountant (24.4k points)
+1 vote

He's a very good family...A loyal wife, one Zawan beti, one jawan beta and one nanha bachcha..... Still koi dhanga aurat/mard dekha nhi ki najayaj rishta bana leta hai..... #Shame on such CHARACTERLESS guy......

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)

Who asked ypu to understand anything, and who asked you to comment anything..!!

Pick up a popcorn and have fun while seeing srkians bashing her, sometimes just watching from sidelines can be fun too, try it, just say nothing but just enjoy srkians going mad at her

I usually do this when 2 fanbases other then srkians fight, i do nothing, say nothing, just enjoy their fights and baseless & senseless arguments & statements..!!

Try it, it's not that hard..!! ;) ;)


Why should I do that? You guys don't miss a single opportunity to bash Salman and Salman fans...Then why should I miss such a wonderful opportunity???


'When Aishwarya said something on Salman u guys blindly trust her and still chanting that thing.' ....awwwwwwwww .....Tiger is so cute ....kitna purana dard chupa hoa hai becharay k dil mein.......13 saal CHAAR mahinay DUS din
''Pick up a popcorn and have fun while seeing srkians bashing her, sometimes just watching from sidelines can be fun too, try it, just say nothing but just enjoy srkians going mad at her

I usually do this when 2 fanbases other then srkians fight, i do nothing, say nothing, just enjoy their fights and baseless & senseless arguments & statements..!! '' ..
...i completely agree......few minutes back i jst enjoyed Aamir Salman fans fighting over Dangal being greater than 5,6 films of Salman.....i guess Tiger wrote 'opening sy stardom ka pta chalta hai' ...then Aamir fans writing in favor of overseas being a serious thing.......its fun when they deny or denied that same thing infront of SRK fans but use same argument with other Dr.TB said abt enjoying it ' it's not that hard..!! ;) ;)'


Now I'm enjoying ur cmnt....

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