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Country/Territory Gross Footfalls(appx)
India ₹ 511 Crore 3,90,00,000
North America $12.40 Million 14,50,000
Australia $1.45 Million 1,06,800
New Zealand $461 K 57,000
Gulf $8.8 Million 10,30,000
United Kingdom $3.28 Million 3,68,000
Taiwan $6 Million 7,50,000
China $135 Million* 3,18,21,344*
Rest Of The World $4 Million(appx) 4,87,500
Total $245 Millon* 7,43,09,844*

* = First 4 Weeks

China Admissions Breakdown:

Previews : 8616
Week 1 : 2914945
Week 2 : 11040008
Week 3 : 11760728
Week 4 : 5310544

Total : 31821344 = 3.18Crore(24 Days)

Day 25 : 786503(Till 13.00 IST)

Note : Week 5 Monday Is Already Higher Than Week 4's Monday. Lifetime Ticket Sale Could Go Anywhere From Here. A Normal Trend Would Take It To 5Crore. But Since, Week 5 Is Already Showing Better Collections Than Previous Week, Final Figure Could Go Upto 6Crore As Well. Cumulative Ticket Sale Will Soon Breach The 10Crore Mark. A Feat That Hasn't Been Achieved In Bollywood In Last 40 Years.

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Kya naam hai tumhaara.........................


Gulzaar the gulbadan....


Mere naam me aap sabko itna interest kyu hai?


Another Hell Of A Day. 1058283 Admissions. Total Over 3.4Crore.

10 Answers

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Best answer

This is Staggering to say the least.

3rd phase release in countries like Japan korea hong kong release still left

Only Aamir khan rules and matters

by Assistant Director (42.3k points)
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+1 vote

Great achievement.

by Production Accountant (22.2k points)
+1 vote

Last decade belongs to srk ..
regarding this decade see this ..

Q. If Dangal is a huge hit would it not be Aamir Khan rather than Salman Khan who is the dominating force this decade?
A. Aamir Khan has just five films this decade so far including Dangal and some of these are the biggest blockbusters of the decade but its so fewfilms and you can only be dominating if others have similar volume or have not managed to givemany blockbusters. This decade will belong to Salman Khan unless something someone performs miracles in the next three years .
A. Meshram
.....where is ace ... p

by Editor (86.7k points)

Keh ke le li =))

+1 vote

How can it beat hakhk in India it had 7.3cr footfalls while in Oversease atleast 50 lacs then so total footfalls will be 7.9cr approx and dangal is still at 7.4cr

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)

Who told u 50Lacs FF in overseas for HAHK,Hardly 4-5 Lacs OS FF were there for HAHK.Even K3G had just 15 Lacs OS FF.Though even your 7.9 cr footfalls fig. wld be crossed as well.

+1 vote

Just one word : Saabaash.

by Assistant Director (48.6k points)

Actually I'm in love ur daughter dau**r uncle ji... rishta qabul hai naa aapko?


Mere uncle ki umar 36 saal hai aur teri kitni hai..............child marriage ki thi kya......kubool hai kubool hai......phir talaq talaq talaq...........aur phir maze lo aish hai tumhaari


Hahahahahaahaa....talaq talaq talaq...


Chacha kyu jhuth bol rahe ho? 36 years se thoda kam toh aapki beti ki umar hai ... Aapki 55+ hai... And aapki uncle ki 80+ years hai

0 votes

Lol here is one more example of doctored fake data.

Dangal bahubali 100 cr bhi footfall kar le... india ka biggest superstar salman hi hai

by Unit Manager (35.6k points)

Uday Chopra Fans, Too, Can Claim That Uday Is The Biggest Superstar, Just Like Salman Fans. Similarity Between Both Of 'Em Is That They Don't Have Any Records Behind Them To Prove Their Claim.


prdp opening day and sultan weekend are at the top for bollywood movies. Go to and enlighten your moronic brain


And why is the first letter of every word in caps??

To increase the height i imagine you can do that to words but not to people

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Hahaha.....Manipulation roxxx!

Dangal footfalls......
India 3.7cr (at best case)
China 2.9cr (till now)
ROW 35lacs

Aggregate - 7.05cr..... But acc to some manipulationpurians 7.05cr>>>>>7.55cr...

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)

Tiger bhai 7.5 cr+ FF hi hai.3.18 cr ke aas paas FF kal tak the china mein.You can check Ent BO site.Aaj 14.5 Lacs FF hue hai china mein.After adding Today abt 3.33cr FF in china.Abhi yeh no. aur update hoga,thoda aur zyada hoga final no. /29 /2017


LOL, This Ain't Till Yesterday. This Is Just 22 Days i.e. Till Last Friday Only. Yesterday Was The 25th Day.


Wow! Someone who thinks 30.48cr>>>30.61cr is talking with sense this time..

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There are chances that Aamir will achieve such footfalls in future also.What are the chances that Salman will get 8 Crore footfalls in future ?

by Camera Operator (9.7k points)

If Prabhas can't do repeatedly what he did with Bahubali ... then full credit will go to director and not Prabhas.

One should get credit only for what he can achieve repeatedly. Salman has not even came near to MPK / HAHK in last 23-28 Years. It clearly shows that HAHK/MPK achievement was not because of Salman.

Agar Salman India mein 4.5 Crore footfalls bhi le aaye to phir maan sakte hain ... lekin even 4 Crores bhi cross nahi hua. In last 28 Years, Salman couldn't cross MPK India footfalls even with worldwide footfalls.

Same is most probably going to happen with Prabhas. Let's see how many of his movie cross even 5 Crore footfalls. Same is going to happen with Prabhas ... 1-2 movie kismat se achchi mil gayi ... to fans credit actor ko de rahe hain.

Salman's(or any other khan) current maximum potential 4-5 Crore footfalls. ... lekin salman ne last 20 years mein 3.5 Crore footfalls bhi nahi diye hain.


"HAHK/MPK achievement was not because of Salman.".... Absolutely true. MPK and HAHK bcm mega success bcz of Gigastar Aamir Khan...Aamir surf khudke hi nhi dusro ke movies ko bhi ATBB banate hain. He's a Gigastar for a reason.... Hahaha.
"Salman ne last 20 years mein 3.5 Crore footfalls bhi nahi diye hain.".... Haan bhai 3.54cr footfalls wala Bajrangi Bhaijaan toh Aamir Khan ki film thi.


Well, I meant 4 Crore.

Anyway, Salman Got 2 movies with more than 5 Crore footfalls in first 5 Years. If he was behind that success, He should be able to do it again in next 30 Years at-least (after release of MPK).

If he get 2 movies with more than 5 Crore footfalls in next 5 years, I will be very ahppy to give him credit for HAHK/MPK also.


The same logic is fully applicable on Aamir and Dangal.. If Dangal gets 8cr ff bcz of Aamir then WTH he couldn't achieve even half of this in the first 29 years of his career??? If Salman doesn't deserve credit for HAHK and MPK Cz he hasn't achieve the same after HAHK then Aamir also doesn't deserve it Cz he didn't achieve the same before Dangal.

–1 vote

HAHK = 35 Screens

Dangal = 4250 Screens

India mein nahi hue beat, chalo CHINA mein 9000 Screens pe laga ke karo beat

by Location Manager (7.4k points)

Few r talking abt screens LOL.If that wld have been easier now with all this piracy,more entertainment options then why our sallu is struggling for 4cr FF WW since legendry HAHK.


And our god aka ace yet to match the success of Salman's debut movie MPK....


haan salman ke stardom ki wajah se MPK chali thi...........


Thanks for accepting the truth...

–1 vote

And few kids were talking abt MPK.I was just abt to post the same thing when i saw it already has been posted.It wld cross 8cr for sure.Min.60-70 Lacs FF more in china.and then few more in Japan,HK and Korea as well.

Few r talking abt screens LOL.If that wld have been easier now with all this piracy,more entertainment options then why our sallu is struggling for 4cr FF WW since legendry HAHK.

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)
edited by

60-70Lacs? 60Lacs Would Be Done In This Week 5 Itself.
DANGAL Today Collected $ 7.91Million With 14,49,731 Admissions. Double Of Last Monday(22nd May)


Rajat that was bcoz today was a holiday.Itna footfalls nahi hoga jitna tum soch rahe ho.Ha 80-90 Lacs FF aur ho sakte hai, us se zyada nahi.


Attendance Rate Is Massive For Screening As Large As 40K. It Has Got Long Legs. Won't Stop Soon.

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