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As BOI uses seniority rule in initial stage of career of superstars but once  they  get superstar status and do movie together then BOI uses popularity , most success and a bigger star as a standard to credit their names accordingly so if Salman and amir do movie together then Salman khan will be credited before amir it is done and dusted no 2nd thought if Salman-srk come together in a movie then again Salman khan will be credited 1st over srk but if Salman,srk and amir come together all for a movie then sequence will be as for credits Salman khan,aamir khan and then srk
Note: Agree or die no matter that is bitter truth
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I seriously wanted to share my views but then I read your note : agree or die no matter?

Still just a small clarification, BOI has nothing to with the credits sir. Who will be credited more will be decided by the producer after consulting with the actors and the director which will then be conveyed to the respective department handling the title design.

BOI is just a trade website. That's it.

And just to satisfy your theory, in Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam it was Salman Khan whose name was credited first followed by Shah Rukh & then Madhuri.


SRK is a small actor in comparison to Salman since 1992 I aceept


This post is a answer to bazigar coz he is crossing paths


Still srk is huge compared to tukka paazi... Isliye dil chhota mat kar....

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If boi would have to give credits on popularity then it would be Salman khan then shahrukh khan then aamir khan. They always say that Salman is numero uno in stardom then comes srk then aamir. But credits in the film will be dependent on the producers and who gets paid highest. And we all know that in Bollywood SALMAN KHAN is the highest paid actor then aamir then srk. Hence it will be in that order

by Location Manager (6.5k points)
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In SRK movies, the name of his female co-stars comes before his name, so........... Definitely Salman & Aamir's name will come first..!!

by Mega Star (214k points)

So it means female leads in srk starer always super strong than the male lead if you have super strong female lead she will definetly be credited before you so all the success of srk movie is due to super strong females like kajol,madhuri,deepika etc


Yeah, why not, SRK's super succes is due to megaishtaarnis like deepika who couldn't manage 5 crs opening on their own, right..!!


And rightly so.. his own name is not getting the results

+2 votes

It should be as "starring the megastar khans", all three of them are so big, that you cannot place one before the other.

by Star (143k points)
+1 vote

BOI Ranking:


  1. Salman
  2. Srk
  3. Aamir


  1. Salman
  2. Srk
  3. Aamir


  1. Salman
  2. Srk
  3. Aamir

I guess now u know who will have what credit position

by Location Manager (7.4k points)
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May be Aamir can lead.... Because in bombay talkies song he was at the centre.
But there is Shahrukh Khan who has done photoshoot with Dilip Kumar And Amitabh Bachchan for filmfare celebration of 100yra bollywood.
So we just cant say..

by Assistant Director (43.6k points)

Correction- Aamir comes first see that song again.


when all stars dance together he is at the centre . I am not talking about who appears first..

–1 vote

Salman annihilated SRK and Aamir in 90's and 2000-2009 domestic overseas and worldwide.Even though SRK broke 3 Idiots record Salman is way ahead.And Aamir is big too now.Both are ruling SRK since 1992 worldwide.Why they will do a film with small star SRK.As an Actor Aamir and Salman are light years ahead of Shah Rukh Khan.

by All Time best! (285k points)

No doubt Salman is ahead with 9 hgoty ,13-14 blockbusters 28 Hits despite of having 2000-20008 bad phase He is still going strong while srk became fossil record in 2009 itself still srk is back srk is back but we know he will never coz he is fossil record now


You dont even know how to troll

You're good at doctoring fake data only paaji