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–2 votes
Atbb- Salman khan>>> 21 years

Atg- Salman khan>>> 23 years (still counting)

(Note- Aamir khan is only actor to give an atbb and 2 hgoty for 3 consecutive decades.

He also holds record for most no. of atbb and atg)
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This record of salman for most no. of year without an atg cant even be broken by srk.


Most year toh firbhi thik hai but entire career without a BHOTD, Top3 Grossers of the year, Top2 grossers of the year etc ke baare mein kya khyal hain???

4 Answers

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Shahrukh's Last ATB Came In 1998.
Salman's Last ATG Came In 1994.
Aamir Last ATB/ATG Came 4 Months Ago. Undisputed Numero Uno Of Boxoffice.

by Production Accountant (27.2k points)
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ATB : Aamir = Salman + Shahrukh
ATG : Aamir > Rest Of The Bollywood.


What srk gave 20 years back for which Aamir took 20 years???

Srk gave 1 atg that too 5 years after Aamir.

Srk gave 2 atbb in his entire career Aamir has 5.
Aamir gave atbb in 1996 where did 20 years gap come.

salman is yet to give an atg after 1 atg in 1994 its 23 years and will remain till he retires.

Salman took 21 years to give his 3rd atbb.

Worst among khans.

What a huge shame it is.

Still his fans are crying here



Salman took only 1 year to deliver his 1st ATBB, Aamir took 8 years.

Salman took only 5 years to deliver his 1st ATG, Aamir took 20 years.

Salman took only 1 year to deliver his 1st BHOTD, Aamir - 404! Error

Salman took only 1 year to deliver his 1st HGOTD, Aamir took 20 years.

Still, Salman is the loser... Right?


Hahahaha u named it tiger bro they deserve that

+1 vote

So what mahn he is the top star right now be it, or any other trade sites or magazines .. p

by Editor (84k points)

Boxofficeindia, Koimoi, Indicine, trade magazines, Ormax etc all are fake.... Koi Chinese site agar bolega tabhi manenge ye log...

0 votes

Debut Film = ATBB = 1989

2nd ATBB = 6th Year = 1994

3rd ATBB = 9th Year = 1998 [Salman won Best Supporting Actor, KKHH is his film]

4th ATBB = 21st Year = 2010 [Which BOI reduced]

5th ATBB = 26th Year = 2015

6th ATBB = 27th Year = 2016 [ Which BOI didn't gave]


1st ATBB = 8th Year = 1996

2nd ATBB = 20th Year = 2008

Aamir gave his 1st ATG after 20 years of Debut


His fans cry for Salman's 2nd ATG =))

by Location Manager (7.4k points)

Poor justification wont chance facts.

Salman has most years without an atbb and atg

case closed.

Keep crying now.


What Salman achieved in 90's, Aamir achieving now


What Aamir is achieving now that can never be achived by Salman.


And what Salman achieved with his debut film (4.5cr ff & BHOTD) Aamir can't even dream of having that...

–2 votes

2009 star ruled when SRK rejected 3 Idiots.3 Idiots and Dhoom 3 are not ATB in real sense.

by All Time best! (284k points)

2008 dead star entered bollywood when armaan kohli rejected deewana, He established himself when aamir salman and saif didnt do movies like darr baazigar and ddlj.

Jiske pass atbb na ho woh atbb ke real sense pe question nahi karte.

samjha shameless uncle.


WANTED has bigger CIRCUIT Share than 3 Idiots / Ghajini


Wanted is odinary hit rejected by class audience ghajini and 3 idiots are universal bb and atg.

This poor justification of share wont help.


Most voted movie on IMDB
IMDB rating of 8.4

Highest opening day
Highest single day
Highest opening weekend
Highest opening week
Highest grosser of all time
All time blockbuster
Highest grosser of the year
Highest grosser of the decade
Biggest hit of the year
Most watched film of the year
Founder of a major club ( 200 cr club )
Highest distributer Share
Atbb, Atg, hgoty and hgotd In Overseas
Highest paid previews
Highest trp rating on telivision

Apart from these records 3 idiots also had broken all circuit records except for bihar circuit, it was 2nd most watched film and 2nd biggest hit of the decade, it was 1st 3cr footfall movie of the Multiplex Era.


Still, yet to deliver a single biggest hit of the decade, something like highest grosser of the century toh bhul hi jao!

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