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From years srkians have been chanting that Saajan, HAHK, Jeet etc are not Salman movies. Today they are chanting that HSSH, Biwi No.1, HDDCS etc are not Salman Salman Khan starrers. Tomorrow they will definitely say that Dabang & Dabang 2 are Arbaaz Khan starrers, Ready is a Mahesh Manjerkar film, Bodyguard is Hezel Keech starrer, ETT is Ranbir Shorey film, Kick and Sultan are Randeep Hooda films, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is Nawajuddin Siddique film... Salman Khan has nothing to do with their blockbustrous  successes.....!
in General by Unit Manager (38.8k points)
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Don't get rattled.Salman became huge in 2010


Salman vs srk ka 2009 tak comparasion dalu kya???

6 Answers

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Best answer

No sajan,mpk,hakhk,jeet,hddcs,bno.1,hash,baghban,no entry,mskg,partner,dabangg,ready,bodyguard, Ett,kick,bb,sultan these are not salman khan starers coz these were Hit,sh,bb atbb movie IH yah but veergathi,khamoshi,sangdil sanam,AAA,jsk,hello brother,babul,pmg,kyun k,salam e ishq,gtgh,mamk,hello,yevraj,sawariya,veer etc were salman starers coz these were Flops on the other hand dil,jjws,rangeela,rh,deewana,bazigar,dtph,kkhh,mohabatein,ishq,perdes,yes boss,dch,rdb,mahn,veer Zara,don't,rnbj,3i,dhoom3,pk,dangal,don2,jthj,CX,hny all were srk and Amir starers coz these were hits coz of them sheer jealousy and hypocrisy of bazigar,rajat,deepak, and many srk amir fans now you will c the case with secret superstar if by chance it gets success it will be amir khan stare if it fails badly it will be his cameo sheer 2ble standards of srk amir fans never give credit to Salman khan for his success coz they know salman is miles ahead of their stars in success and Hits

by Production Accountant (25.5k points)
selected by
+3 votes

Wow, what a genius question Sherlock, You are totally replacing both RDJ & B C as next Sherlock..!!

by Mega Star (213k points)

When you've Rajat giving brilliant answers then bar for such questions had to be raised.

Celebration of stupidity on the raise. Guess we admins should let the mods handle it.



Bijli Chidiya bhai, post thik se padho...mene wohi likha hai jo aaplog dinbhar chillate ho..

+1 vote

I have yet to watch a movie starring only the lead star and no other actors

by Executive Producer (66.7k points)
+1 vote

Calm down buddy boy... no one and i mean no gives a fcuk to these people's opinions. To the outside world, srk is a gone thing. Aamir is a good actor. And thats that. They dont deserve to be aa talked as they are being now.

Lets just chill. Let tubelight come and lets enjoy.

Baki srkians ko CE jaise tukke ka intezar karne do. Aaur aamir fans (yeah a few) ko koi bhi trade site ( literally kuch bhi chalega) Aamir ko number 1 ghoshit karne ka intezar karne do.

Peace out

by Unit Manager (34.5k points)
–2 votes

1. Salman's Screentime > 40% Of The Total Runtime
2. He Was The Highest Paid Cast Member Of The Film

Then They Can Be Considered As Salman Starrer, Otherwise Not.
Hence, It Rules Out The Possibilities Of Following Movies To Be A Salman Starrer.
2. Jeet
3. Saajan
4. No Entry
But On The Other Hand...Dabanng, ETT, Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan & Sultan, All Of Them Satisfies Both The Conditions So They Can Be Called Salman Starrers. Bajrangi Bhaijaan Doubtful Though.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points) 1 flag

Madhuri was paid more than Aamir in DIL, hence it ain't Aamir film =))


She Wasn't. Period. Even If She Was, DIL Satisfies The Second Condition For Aamir i.e Enough Screentime. So It Is THE AAMIR STARRER.


Who told you that Madhuri was paid more than Salman in HAHK and Saajan?????

As far as screentime is concerned both Sharman and Madhawan had more screentime than Aamir in 3 idiots, Darsheel had in TZP.... So those films aren't Aamir starrers acc to ur logic....!


Had Aamir Have Zero Screentime In TZP, It Would Have Still Been Called As Aamir Khan's Film As He Was On The Director's Seat. Moreover TZP Satisfies The Second Condition. So It Becomes Aamir Khan Film Anyway, Although His Screentime Was Lesser Compared To Darsheel.
As Far As 3 idiots Is Concerned, It Also Satisfies The Second Condition. Plus Screentime Distribution Is Highly In Favor of Aamir.
Coming Back To Salman, Neither He Had Enough Screentime, Nor Was The Highest Paid Cast Member In Those Movies. And Since You Were Curious Enough To Know How I Came To Know About That Remuneration Thing In HAHK....Well, Go & Fight With Anupam Kher.


Why are you changing your colour now? Earlier u chanted about only screentime. Now from where does "screentime distribution" come??

The same AnuPM Kher indirectly called Aamir Khan a deshdrohi.... Will you accept that too???


BOI is legitimate source, which even Aamir fans like u follow,

A question was asked:

Q. Is it true that Madhuri Dixit was paid more than Salman Khan for Hum Aapke Hain Kaun with Madhuri Dixt getting 3 crore and Salman Khan getting 1 crore?
Ans. Ridiculous numbers. The landing cost of the film was around 5 crore not counting the extra prints that had to be taken out due to the extraordinary run of the film. The market rates at the time were 50 lakhs Salman Khan and 30 lakhs Madhuri Dixit so remuneration would have been in somewhere around these numbers.
M. Shankar

Which prove HAHK Salman film as per your theory.

Same can be proved for all films u saying aren't Salman ones.


Gosh! I'd Rather Argue With A Stone Than A Illiterate Retard.
No One Has Changed Anyone's Colour LMAO. Can You Read "PLUS' Before Screentime Distribution. That Symbolizes That 3 Idiots Has Already Satisfied One Of The Conditions, And I'm Now Giving You Some Addition Info. Aamir Was Highest Paid Cast Member In 3 Idiots So It Doesn't Matter If He Was There For 20 Minutes Of 120 Minutes. IT IS THE AAMIR KHAN FILM. PERIOD.


Hahaha....Someone who thinks 30.48cr>>>30.61cr is calling others retard.... What an irony!

Salman was the highest paid actor for HAHK, NE etc....Then WTH they bcm others films??? Before chanting what AnuPM Kher said about HAHK, remember that he also called ur favourite star a Deshdrohi..


Lmao lord Rajat Salman had enough screen time in HAHK, Saajan & Jeet ..
In No Entry Salman was the highest paid Star ..
hope this shut your fuzzy mouth forever ..


He is shameless he won't shutt his mouth coz he is sheer jealous of Salman khan he is in the category of Bazigar it won't be that wrong to call them class mates or soul mates both have the same agenda to undermine the success of Salman khan and overestimate the success of Their stars


Take A bow @Rajat.

–2 votes

Salman was supporting actor in sanam bewafa,saajan,jeet,HAHK,No entry...............

by All Time best! (285k points)

Yes yes.... Galaxy giga ishtar unn movies me lead role pe tha


Yes yes salman was supporting in sajan,sbw,jeet ,hakhk,partner etc but Srk was lead in deeawana,darr,perdes,ddlj,dtph,kkhh,mohabatein,kkkg,devdas,veer Zara,mahn,cdi,paheli,khnh,oso,CX,hny,dz,fan etc

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